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Research Links : about 11-16 year old school pupils

10-09 Psychosocial factors associated with recent alcohol use among Hispanic youth
10-09 Antismoking public service announcements and adolescents' smoking-related behavioral intentions
10-09 Underage social drinkers and their abilities to describe emotions
10-09 “Just because you’ve got lung cancer doesn’t mean I will”: Lung cancer, smoking, and family dynamics
10-07 The role of family background on cigarette smoking among adolescent school children in Slovakia
10-07 Determinants of resilience to cigarette smoking among young Australians at risk
10-07 The role of parental alcohol-specific communication in early adolescents' alcohol use
10-07 Use of fake identification to purchase alcohol amongst 15-16 year olds: a cross-sectional survey examining alcohol access, consumption and harm
10-06 A telephone survey of parental attitudes and behaviours regarding teenage drinking
10-06 The social context of drunkenness in mid-adolescence
10-06 Gender and family differences in adolescent's heavy alcohol use
10-06 Adolescent attributes and young adult smoking cessation behavior
10-06 Shops still selling cigarettes to children
10-06 An analysis of the drinking trends of school age children in Sunderland
10-06 Biomarker evaluation of Greek adolescents' exposure to secondhand smoke
10-06 Nicotine replacement therapy use among adolescent smokers seeking cessation treatment
10-05 Seminar on Youth drinking and binge drinking - 12 presentations
10-05 Cost-effectiveness analysis of the Not On Tobacco program for adolescent smoking cessation
10-05 Camel no. 9 cigarette-marketing campaign targeted young U.S. teenage girls
10-05 A fifth of teenage drinkers are never asked for ID
10-05 Changes in sensation seeking and risk-taking propensity predict increases in alcohol use among early adolescents
10-05 Parents' and children's self-report of parenting factors: How much do they agree and which is more strongly associated with early adolescent alcohol use?
10-05 38% of 14-15 yr. olds think that cannabis ' safe if used properly'
10-05 Changes in alcohol consumption and beverage preference among adolescents after the introduction of the alcopops tax in Germany
10-05 12-15 year olds, their experience of cannabis and the moves from Class B to C and back to B
10-05 14-15 yr. old males - fewer are drinking beer or lager but 'drinkers' are consuming more
10-05 Interventions for reducing adolescent alcohol abuse
10-05 Exposure to smoking in movies among British adolescents 2001--2006
10-04 Interplay of network position and peer substance use in early adolescent cigarette, alcohol, and marijuana use
10-04 Tobacco use and related factors among pre-university students in a college in Bangalore, India
10-04 Do 'good values' lead to 'good' health-behaviours? Longitudinal associations between young people's values and later substance-use
10-04 Childhood sleep problems, response inhibition, and alcohol and drug outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood
10-04 Adolescent alcohol consumption and risk of benign breast disease in young women
10-04 Trends: Young People and Illegal Drugs 1987-2008 - A report from SHEU
10-03 Using Drama to Prevent Teen Smoking: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Crossroads in Hawai`i
10-03 Parental communication appears not to be an effective strategy to reduce smoking in a sample of Dutch adolescents
10-03 Street-wise? Substance use in town and country as reported by young people
10-03 An integrated framework for the analysis of adolescent cigarette smoking in middle school Latino youth
10-03 School-based interventions to prevent smoking: slide set
10-03 Does the 'Healthy Immigrant Effect' Extend to Smoking in Immigrant Children?
10-02 Internet-based prevention for alcohol and cannabis use: final results of the Climate Schools course
10-02 In a U.S. national youth sample, the propensity to use substances was more strongly related to motor vehicle crashes than use of any specific substance
10-02 Are adverse childhood experiences associated with an increased risk of lung cancer during adulthood?
10-02 Household environmental tobacco smoke and risks of asthma, wheeze and bronchitic symptoms among children in Taiwan
10-02 Taiwanese adolescents and their experience of running away from home and substances use
10-02 A qualitative comparison of parent and adolescent views regarding substance use
10-01 Keeping New Zealand kids smokefree: lessons learned on community participation
10-01 Key points in preventing tobacco use among adolescents
10-01 Temperamental risk factors for adolescent cannabis use
10-01 A retrospective maternal report of alcohol consumption in pregnancy predicts pregnancy and teen outcomes
10-01 Use of small incentives for increasing participation and reducing dropout in a family drug-use prevention program in Spain
10-01 How do young people from different countries compare on drink, tobacco and cannabis?
10-01 Reasons for non-participation in a parental program concerning underage drinking
09-12 Drugs: Guidance for Schools - Become part of the consultation process
09-12 Youth smoking status: perceptions versus measurements
09-12 Marijuana and alcohol accounted for 80% of all primary substances of abuse for U.S. females, aged 12 to 17, admitted for treatment
09-12 Smoking and Young People - research in 2009 (via ASH Scotland)
09-12 Script representation of alcohol-related aggression in underage drinkers
09-12 Density of tobacco retailers near U.S. schools: effects on tobacco use among students
09-12 Relationship between alcohol use and violent behavior among urban African American youths from adolescence to emerging adulthood
09-12 Estimates of the number of children living with substance misusing parents: results from UK national household surveys
09-11 Growth in alcohol use in at-risk adolescent boys: two-part random effects prediction models.
09-11 An ecological system approach to adolescent smoking behavior
09-11 If parents establish a no-smoking agreement with their offspring, does this prevent adolescents from smoking? Findings from three Dutch studies
09-11 Adolescents' perceptions of smoking and stress reduction
09-11 Factors related to adolescent drinking in Appalachia.
09-11 Turkish high school students' attitudes toward addictive substances: Association with perceived parental attitudes
09-11 Associations between smoking and extreme dieting among U.S. adolescents
09-11 U.S. Sixth grade students who use alcohol: Do we need primary prevention programs for 'Tweens'?
09-11 'Smoking among Dutch elementary schoolchildren: gender-specific predictors'
09-11 The impact of social influence on adolescent intention to smoke: Combining types and referents of influence.
09-11 Self-medication among children and adolescents in Germany: results of the National Health Survey for Children and Adolescents
09-10 New counter-school cultures: female students' drug use at a high-achieving secondary school
09-10 U.S. 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health
09-10 Race/ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, and smoking among early adolescent girls in the U.S.
09-10 U.S. teenage smoking-cessation trial is the first to achieve significant increase in prolonged quit rates
09-09 School-based interventions to prevent smoking: consultation on the draft guidance
09-09 120 children were treated for drug addiction in Northern Ireland
09-09 Saints not sinners? Young people bucking the trend of binge drinking. An analysis of the drinking trends of school age children in Sunderland
09-09 Skipping school and using drugs: A brief report
09-09 Bridging the gap between evidence and practice: A multi-perspective examination of real-world drug education
09-08 The soundtrack of substance use: music preference and adolescent smoking and drinking.
09-08 Exposure to tobacco on the Internet: Content analysis of adolescents' Internet use
09-08 New edition of the BNF (British National Formulary ) for Children
09-08 Scotland's drug education programme 'Choices for Life' plans to focus on warning pupils about the dangers of alcohol and cannabis rather than class A drugs such as cocaine and heroin.
09-08 Ronnie Purslow is a remarkable man - from drinking at 12 and locked up at 13
09-08 Book: What your kids really want and need to know about alcohol and drugs
09-08 Over-the-counter and prescription medication use among US children
09-08 Parental occupation, family affluence and adolescent health behaviour in 28 countries
09-07 Why does cannabis potency matter?
09-07 Act on Smoking' -- an innovative preventative tool for young people
09-07 Early initiation of tobacco use in adolescent girls: key sociostructural influences
09-07 Can religion counteract the spread of narcotics abuse among Russian young people?
09-07 How might schools influence young people's drug use?
09-07 A profile of adolescent cocaine use in Northern Ireland
09-07 The association between smoking onset and exposure to movie smoking according to character type.
09-07 Introducing a successful peer-led smoking cessation programme into Tower Hamlets schools
09-06 Exposure of young people to alcohol advertising on Australian free-to-air television.
09-06 Impact of young Londoners' alcohol misuse revealed
09-06 Popular television shows such as The Simpsons promote tobacco use simply by showing it in so many episodes.
09-06 Zero tolerance alcohol policy good choice for parents
09-06 Parents' early and late smoking cessation as predictors of their young adult children's smoking cessation.
09-05 Cannabis use prevention methods in Australian schools
09-05 Factors that influenced smoking behaviours among male adolescents in Kuantan District, Malaysia
09-05 Exposure to substance use prevention messages and substance use among U.S. adolescents: 2002 to 2007
09-05 Substance use among students in 35 European Countries
09-05 Alcohol consumption and availability of drugs among Ukrainian school-aged children is increasing annually
09-04 Owning alcohol-branded merchandise associated with teenage drinking behaviours
09-04 Three times as many teenage girls have been admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning as boys
09-04 Parents can help their teenagers to never start smoking
09-04 The number of Cumbrian schoolchildren who take up smoking has fallen
09-04 Positive Futures is a national social inclusion programme using sport and leisure activities to engage with disadvantaged and socially marginalised young people
09-02 Profile of young people who attend alcohol and other drug treatment services in New Zealand
09-02 Tobacco marketing continues to have a large impact on U.S. youth
09-02 DCSF: Customer voice research - Youth alcohol action plan
09-02 Teenage children worry about their parents' future due to the harmful health effects of smoking
09-02 Global Youth Tobacco Survey in Panama
09-02 Conflict between parents and adolescents appears to be the most important factor in the relationship between family conflict and adolescent substance use.
09-01 Swedish girls are starting to smoke at younger ages than their counterparts in other countries
09-01 No reason to be sanguine about teenage drug use
09-01 Cannabis is the main problem drug for under-18s using specialist treatment services in England and very few young people were treated for hard drugs
09-01 Interventions for children and families where there is parental drug misuse
08-12 The Liverpool Longitudinal Study on Smoking : Experiences, beliefs and behaviour of adolescents in Secondary School 2002-2006
08-12 U.S. programme credited with cutting underage drinking and tobacco use
08-12 The number of children admitted to hospital due to alcohol has risen with those living in rural and isolated areas worst affected
08-11 Genes influence susceptibility to alcohol
08-11 Children living with adult smokers appear less likely to have daily access to enough healthy food
08-11 Research finds that marijuana use takes toll on adolescent brain function
08-11 Effective Drug Education Survey ­ Findings from the Drug Education Forum
08-10 Parent's, and their children's, attitudes towards drugs and alcohol
08-10 Genes may determine which smoking cessation treatment works best
08-10 American kids most medicated
08-10 The Amazing Dr Sober - Teenagers from across Greater Manchester have taken part in a film project exploring the issues around alcohol misuse and young people.
08-09 In the US, 49% of youths aged 12 to 17 reported in 2007 that it would be 'fairly easy' or 'very easy' for them to obtain marijuana if they wanted some.
08-09 A mother's beliefs may impact on their childrens' alcohol use
08-09 The new and improved Version 3.5 Drug Box - placebo drug awareness training resources

Ten key facts that teachers need to know about cannabis

08-09 In the US, past month and binge drinking rates among underage people (aged 12 to 20) have remained essentially unchanged since 2002.
08-07 Blueprint drug education - research programme update
08-07 Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking among young people in England 2007
08-07 Advising young people about drugs and alcohol - Practice nurses are in a good position to help recognize and address the problems
08-07 Non-Medical Marijuana III: Rite of Passage or Russian Roulette? US report prompted by alarming increases in the potency of marijuana, teenage emergency department mentions, treatment admissions and clinical diagnoses of marijuana abuse and dependence
08-06 Steering your kids away from drugs
08-05 UK-style Dutch school drug prevention programme helps prevent regular drinking
08-05 In the US, teenage marijuana use can worsen depression
08-05 A US study suggests that restaurant smoking bans may play a big role in persuading teenagers not to become smokers
08-05 East Sussex Youth Cabinet launches smoking campaign
08-05 A supermarket has told cashiers not to supply alcohol if they suspect an adult is buying the drink for an underage youth.
08-04 Preventing the uptake of smoking by children: consultation on the draft guidance
08-04 Risky drinking in North West school children and its consequences: A study of fifteen and sixteen year olds
08-04 New Canadian research dispels myth that cigarettes make teenage girls thinner
08-03 The support needs of families in Australia who have, as a family member, a young person who is misusing substances.
08-03 ...very soon after that first cigarette, adolescents can experience a loss of autonomy over tobacco
08-03 Parenting mechanisms in links between parents' and adolescents' alcohol use behaviors
08-03 Cough and cold medicines misused by millions of US teenagers and young adults
08-02 21 years of 14-15 year olds drinking
08-02 Preventing Alcohol and Drug Misuse in Young People: Adaptation and Testing of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14
08-02 Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2000-2007
08-02 Cigarette reduction: An intervention for adolescent smokers.
08-02 Cannabis: young people's reaction to re-classification
08-01 Drug use down among US teenagers
08-01 21 years of 14 year olds drinking Trends from SHEU
08-01 Young smokers - do they want to give up? - SHEUNews page 3
08-01 School Effects on Young People's Drug Use: A Systematic Review of Intervention and Observational Studies
07-12 More US teenagers on precription drugs
07-12 Some anti-drinking advertising campaigns may be 'catastrophically misconceived'
07-12 Adverts that show drunken incidents...are often seen by young people as being a typical story of a 'fun' night out, rather than as a cautionary tale.'
07-06 African American children suffer from higher rates of tobacco-related disorders, such as asthma...'
07-06 Predictors of risky alcohol consumption in schoolchildren and their implications for preventing alcohol-related harm
07-06 Plans to prosecute parents, who give alcohol to under-15s even with a meal at home, would not work
07-06 Read the report (pdf file)
07-06 Fewer children in Scotland are smoking, drinking and using drugs, according to a new report
07-06 Doping prevalence among French preadolescent athletes: a 4-year follow-up
07-05 School-based interventions on alcohol - consultation on the evidence
07-05 Learn from the failures of drug education and change the emphasis to prevention.
07-04 Between 26,200 and 30,600 young people aged 11--15 in the South West smoke at least one cigarette a week.
07-03 Australian 15-year-olds drink more than their US counterparts
07-03 Why the majority of adolescents overestimate peer smoking rate.
07-03 Teenage drinkers face alcohol test in US school
07-02 There is little strong evidence that school-based programmes are effective in the long term in preventing uptake of smoking.
07-02 More US schools to adopt random pupil drug-testing programmes?
05-09 Review of Literature Relating to ‘Theatre in Education’ drama as a Tool in Alcohol Education
04-09 Drug and Alcohol Education Through Drama Theatre
03-01 Prevention of smoking in adolescents with lower education: a school based intervention study
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21-12 Review: Physical activity interventions for the mental health and well-being of adolescents -- a systematic review
21-12 Research on Physical Education and School Sport in Europe
21-12 Patterning of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior at and Away from School in Preadolescent Children
21-11 Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 12-month implementation outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trial
21-11 Physical inactivity during leisure and school time is associated with the presence of common mental disorders in adolescence
21-10 Impact of School-Based Health Behavioral Intervention on Awareness, Practice Pattern of Healthy Lifestyle, and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors among School Children of Shimla: A Cluster-Randomized, Intervention Study
21-10 Moving more and sitting less in schools: What’s the next step?
21-10 Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the GoActive intervention to increase physical activity among UK adolescents: a cluster randomised controlled trial
21-09 Implementation of a Hybrid Educational Program between the Model of Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) and the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) in Physical Education and Its Effects on Health: An Approach Based on Mixed Methods
21-09 Examining the concept of engagement in physical education
21-09 Health Economic Evaluations on interventions promoting physical activity among children and adolescents
21-08 Parental and peer supports are associated with an active lifestyle of adolescents: evidence from a population-based survey
21-08 Physical activity among school-aged children and intervention programs using self-determination theory (SDT): A scoping review
21-07 ‘I like it’: Exploring teachers' motivation for using classroom-based physical activity in Danish public schools from a self-determination perspective. Results from a mixed methods study
21-07 Feasibility of a school-based physical activity intervention for adolescents with disability