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Research Links : about 11-16 year old school pupils

15-05 E-cigarette use by US teens triples
15-05 Adolescent alcohol use and participation in organised activities: A mixed methods study of British young people
15-04 Health-Related Strains and Subsequent Delinquency and Marijuana Use
15-04 Details of police records of drug seizures in schools 2011-2014
15-04 Do parents play different roles in drinking behaviours of male and female adolescents?
15-04 Electronic-cigarette use among young people in Wales: evidence from two cross-sectional surveys
15-04 Comprehensive approach to improving schools-based alcohol and drug education needed
15-04 Parental Awareness of Substance Use Among Adolescents in a Junior High School Sample
15-04 The Effects of Antismoking Messages From Family, School, and Mass Media on Smoking Behavior and Smoking Intention Among Chinese Adolescents
15-04 E-cigarette use triples among middle and high school students in just one year ... and ...Parents Are Integral in Stopping Rise as Teen E-Cigarette Usage Triples
15-04 Alcohol Use in Films and Adolescent Alcohol Use
15-04 Alcohol Prevention and School Students: Findings From an Australian 2-Year Trial of Integrated Harm Minimization School Drug Education
15-04 School Bullying and Drug Use Later in Life
15-04 A Web-Based Intervention to Prevent Drug Abuse Among Adolescent Girls... and ... journal
15-04 Dangers of adolescent energy drink consumption for the heart
15-04 Should I let my children try alcohol?
15-04 Associations between e-cigarette access and smoking and drinking behaviours in teenagers
15-04 Decreases in adolescent weekly alcohol use in Europe and North America: evidence from 28 countries from 2002 to 2010
15-04 Cluster-randomized trial of a German leisure-based alcohol peer education measure
15-04 Alcohol Use among Adolescent Youth: The Role of Friendship Networks and Family Factors in Multiple School Studies
15-04 A Web-Based, Computer-Tailored Smoking Prevention Program to Prevent Children From Starting to Smoke After Transferring to Secondary School
15-04 Effectiveness of school-based smoking prevention curricula
15-04 Cigarette Smoking Trajectories From Sixth to Twelfth Grade: Associated Substance Use and High School Dropout.
15-04 Adolescents’ perception of substance use and factors influencing its use: a qualitative study in Abu Dhabi
15-04 Exploring comorbid use of marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol among 14 to 15-year-olds: findings from a national survey on adolescent substance use
15-04 Delinquency and alcohol use among adolescents in Europe: The role of cultural contexts
15-04 Antidepressants and the adolescent brain
15-04 Cross-sectional data on alcohol and marijuana use and sexual behavior among male and female secondary school students in New Providence, The Bahamas
15-04 Youth exposure to in-vehicle second-hand smoke and their smoking behaviours: trends and associations in repeated national surveys
15-04 Substance misuse and its risk perception in European teenagers
15-04 Effectiveness of alcohol media literacy programmes
15-04 16% of teen e-cig users said they had never smoked conventional cigarettes
15-03 Concerns raised about increased e-cigarette use in teenagers
15-03 Reward-Related Attentional Bias and Adolescent Substance Use: A Prognostic Relationship?
15-03 A cross-validation trial of an Internet-based prevention program for alcohol and cannabis
15-03 Decreases in adolescent weekly alcohol use in Europe and North America: evidence from 28 countries from 2002 to 2010
15-03 Teenage cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood
15-03 Climate Schools : online web-based prevention drug mental health wellbeing
15-03 Antidepressants have sexual side effects in teens, too... and ...extract from publication
15-03 Is there a link between per capita alcohol consumption and youth drinking in Sweden?
15-03 Building resilience and character in young people - Mentor ADEPIS
15-03 Examining the impact of changes in school tobacco control policies and programs on current smoking and susceptibility to future smoking among youth in the first two years of the COMPASS study: looking back to move forward
15-03 Average alcohol consumption rose considerably in adolescence, after this, it decreased, until it started to level off in mid-life, and then finally decreased again from age 60
15-03 Electronic Cigarette Sales to Minors via the Internet
15-03 Electronic Cigarette Use and Exposure in the Pediatric Population
15-02 Family-based programmes for preventing smoking by children and adolescents
15-02 What are parents doing to reduce adolescent alcohol misuse? Evaluating concordance with parenting guidelines for adolescent alcohol use
15-02 Development of a Universal Internet-Based Prevention Program for Ecstasy and New Psychoactive Substances
15-02 Drugs : Articles from the Education and Health journal
15-02 Opinions and beliefs held by Spanish teenagers regarding tobacco and alcohol consumption
15-02 Adolescent cannabis and tobacco use and educational outcomes at age 16
15-02 Marijuana use level, e-cigarettes a concern US adolescents
15-02 Adolescents’ and young adults’ perceptions of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation: A focus group study
15-01 Cued Recall of Alcohol Advertising on Television and Underage Drinking Behavior
15-01 Adolescents’ Perceptions of Light and Intermittent Smoking in the US
15-01 Drinking Motives Mediate Cultural Differences but Not Gender Differences in Adolescent Alcohol Use
15-01 A longitudinal study of the association of adolescent polydrug use, alcohol use and high school non-completion
15-01 Frequent electronic media communication with friends is associated with higher adolescent substance use
15-01 Exposure to point-of-sale displays and changes in susceptibility to smoking
15-01 Comparison of Peer Education and the Classic Training Method for School Aged Children Regarding Smoking and its Dangers
15-01 Reasons for Electronic Cigarette Experimentation and Discontinuation Among Adolescents and Young Adults
15-01 Risk Factors for Exclusive E-Cigarette Use and Dual E-Cigarette Use and Tobacco Use in Adolescents
15-01 Predictors of smoking among Swedish adolescents
15-01 Exploring an effective tobacco prevention programme for Indian adolescents
15-01 On Social and Cognitive Influences: Relating Adolescent Networks, Generalized Expectancies, and Adolescent Smoking
15-01 Adolescents' understandings of binge drinking in Southern and Northern European contexts – cultural variations of ‘controlled loss of control’
15-01 Quality of life, age of onset of alcohol use and alcohol use disorders in adolescence and young adulthood
15-01 Teen Parties: Who Has Parties, What Predicts Whether There Is Alcohol and Who Supplies the Alcohol?
15-01 Adolescents’ sense-making of alcohol-related risks: The role of drinking situations and social settings
15-01 Adolescent Delinquency, Drinking, and Smoking : Does the Gender of Friends Matter?
15-01 School policies for preventing smoking among young people
15-01 Children’s Perspectives on How Parents Protect Them From Secondhand Smoke in Their Homes and Cars in Socioeconomically Contrasting Communities
15-01 Underage Drinking and Antisocial Behavior: Research to Inform a U.K. Behavioral Intervention
15-01 The density of tobacco retailers in home and school environments and relationship with adolescent smoking behaviours in Scotland
15-01 Early adolescent symptoms of social phobia prospectively predict alcohol use
15-01 Growth trajectories of alcohol information processing and associations with escalation of drinking in early adolescence.
15-01 Socioeconomic position and early adolescent smoking development: evidence from the British Youth Panel Survey (1994–2008)
14-12 At-School Substance Use as a Marker for Serious Health Risks
14-12 Universal school-based prevention for illicit drug use
14-12 Measuring teenagers' health literacy around alcohol - a feasibility study
14-12 Frequent electronic media communication with friends is associated with higher adolescent substance use
14-11 E-cigarette Use Among High School and Middle School Adolescents in Connecticut

The density of tobacco retailers in home and school environments and relationship with adolescent smoking behaviours in Scotland

14-11 UK Tobacco controls a success in cutting smoking among adolescents
14-11 E-cigarette Use Among High School and Middle School Adolescents in Connecticut
14-11 Alcohol and the Developing Adolescent Brain: Evidence Review
14-11 The relationship between the density of alcohol outlets and parental supply of alcohol to adolescents
14-10 Self-Medication Among School Students
14-10 What do temporal profiles tell us about adolescent alcohol use? Results from a large sample in the United Kingdom
14-10 Do the media talk down to teenagers over drugs?
14-10 Teenagers' heavy cannabis use 'impairs intelligence'
14-10 An Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Cigarette Smoking Among Youth
14-10 Do children overestimate the extent of smoking among their peers? A feasibility study of the social norms approach to prevent smoking.
14-10 The impact of adolescent cannabis use, mood disorder and lack of education on attempted suicide in young adulthood
14-10 Effectiveness of Brief School-Based Interventions for Adolescents
14-10 Out of Sight and Out of Mind? Evaluating the Impact of Point-of-Sale Tobacco Display Bans on Smoking-Related Beliefs and Behaviors in a Sample of Australian Adolescents and Young Adults
14-10 Energy Drink Consumption and the Risk of Alcohol Use Disorder among a National Sample of Adolescents and Young Adults.
14-10 Parental Rules, Parent and Peer Attachment, and Adolescent Drinking Behaviors
14-10 A prospective study of marijuana use change and cessation among adolescents
14-10 Age at Smoking Initiation and Subsequent Smoking Among Korean Adolescent Smokers
14-10 Alcohol consumption in Polish middle and high school pupils - has this rapidly increased during 2009-11?
14-10 What do temporal profiles tell us about adolescent alcohol use? Results from a large sample in the United Kingdom
14-10 Brief alcohol interventions for adolescents and young adults
14-10 "I think you need to show someone what help there is": Understanding parental alcohol misuse at a local level
14-10 First drink to first drunk: Connection between early age of first drink, heavy drinking
14-10 A Systematic Review of Self-Medication Practices Among Adolescents
14-10 Determinants of cigarette smoking initiation in Jordanian schoolchildren
14-10 Socialization Instances Linked to Cannabis Experimentation Among French Teenagers
14-10 Cannabis use in teens, suicide and school dropout: the jury is still out
14-10 Talk About Alcohol: impact of a school-based alcohol intervention on early adolescents
14-09 Graphic health warnings on cigarette packs: how long before the effects on adolescents wear out?
14-09 E-cigarette use associated with increased intentions to smoke cigarettes
14-09 The Influence of Physical Activity on Cigarette Smoking Among Adolescents
14-08 Intentions to Smoke Cigarettes Among Never-Smoking U.S. Middle and High School Electronic Cigarette Users
14-07 Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England - 2013
14-07 One-in-four young teens in Scotland has tried electronic cigarettes
14-07 Please help with an evaluation of The Alcohol & Drug Education Prevention Information Service (ADEPIS)
14-07 Trajectories of Marijuana Use in Youth Ages 15–25: Implications for Postsecondary Education Experiences
14-07 Favourite alcohol advertisements and binge drinking among adolescents
14-07 Does Adolescents’ Religiousness Moderate Links Between Harsh Parenting and Adolescent Substance Use?
14-07 Childhood and Adolescent Predictors of Heavy Episodic Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder at Ages 21 and 33
14-07 The Relationship Between Brand-Specific Alcohol Advertising on Television and Brand-Specific Consumption Among Underage Youth
14-07 Providing Alcohol for Underage Youth: What Messages Should We Be Sending Parents?
14-07 Are experimental smokers different from their never-smoking classmates? A multilevel analysis of Canadian youth in grades 9 to 12
14-07 Adolescent nicotine or cigarette smoke exposure changes subsequent response to nicotine conditioned place preference and self-administration.
14-07 Widening educational inequalities in adolescent smoking following national tobacco control policies in the Netherlands in 2003
14-07 Influence of Perceived Parent and Peer Endorsement on Adolescent Smoking Intentions: Parents Have More Say, But Their Influence Wanes as Kids Get Older
14-07 Trajectories of Cigarette Smoking From Adolescence to Adulthood as Predictors of Unemployment Status in the Early 40s
14-07 Tobacco Use Among Youths — Argentina, 2007 and 2012
14-07 Does Parental Divorce Increase Risk Behaviors among 15/16 and 18/19 year-old Adolescents? A Study from Oslo
14-07 Investigating Underage Youth Access to Alcohol in Switzerland: Inventory of Modes of Access and Association with Youth Characteristics
14-07 Considering Cannabis: The Effects of Regular Cannabis Use on Neurocognition in Adolescents and Young Adults
14-07 Parental–Adolescent Drug Use Discussions: Physiological Responses and Associated Outcomes
14-07 Prevailing with extracurricular activities in an alcohol-dominated environment: Sex differences in resilience among middle school youth
14-07 The effects of homeschooling on participation in drinking alcohol among adolescents and emerging adults
14-07 The Effect of Exposure to Pro-Tobacco Advertising on Experimentation With Emerging Tobacco Products Among U.S. Adolescents
14-07 Independent and joint effects of prenatal maternal smoking and maternal exposure to second-hand smoke on the development of adolescent obesity
14-07 The Influences of Health Beliefs and Identity on Adolescent Marijuana and Tobacco Co-Use
14-07 Family income trajectory during childhood is associated with adolescent cigarette smoking and alcohol use
14-07 Smoking in cars in England: a study of school students in an English city
14-07 An examination of exposure and avoidance behavior related to second-hand cigarette smoke among adolescent girls in Canada.
14-07 Effectiveness of the ‘Healthy School and Drugs’ prevention programme on adolescents' substance use
14-07 Continuing downward trend of 11-15 yr olds in England who said that they had drunk alcohol
14-07 Increased knowledge of the effects of smoking and second-hand smoke encourages smoke-free homes
14-07 Do Adolescent Smokers Use E-Cigarettes to Help Them Quit?
14-06 Royal College of Physicians' statement on e-cigarettes
14-06 Test implementation of a school-oriented drug prevention program "Study without Drugs": pre- and post-testing for effectiveness
14-05 Awareness and determinants of electronic cigarette use among Finnish adolescents in 2013
14-05 Design of a school-based randomized trial to reduce smoking among 13 to 15-year olds, the X:IT study
14-05 A pilot study of an online web-based universal school-based intervention to prevent alcohol and cannabis use in the UK
14-05 Does smoking within an individual's peer group affect intervention effectiveness? An evaluation of the Smoke-Free Class Competition among Swiss adolescents.
14-05 Tobacco Use and Smoking Intentions Among U.S. Fifth-Grade Students
14-04 Hostility and Cigarette Use: A Comparison Between Smokers and Nonsmokers in a Matched Sample of Adolescents
14-04 Consumption of Energy Drinks, Alcohol, and Alcohol-Mixed Energy Drinks Among Italian Adolescents
14-04 Regular use of electronic cigarettes amongst children and young people is rare and is confined almost entirely to those who currently or have previously smoked
14-04 Hardcore Adolescent Smokers? An Examination of the Hardening Hypothesis by Using Survey Data From Two Norwegian Samples Collected Eight Years Apart
14-04 Effect of tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy and preschool age on growth from birth to adolescence
14-04 Inhibition during early adolescence predicts alcohol and marijuana use by late adolescence
14-04 Trends in non-drinking among Australian adolescents
14-04 NZ youth tobacco access: trends and policy implications
14-04 Smoking, plain packaging, and public health (pdf)
14-04 ADEPIS Quality standards for effective alcohol and drug education (pdf)
14-04 Parents Influence Teens’ Drinking Decisions
14-04 Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Adolescents: The How, What and Where of Reducing Alcohol Consumption and Related Harm Among Young People (pdf)
14-04 Prevalence and correlates of lifetime waterpipe, cigarette, alcohol and drug use among secondary school students in Stoke-on-Trent
14-04 Persistence of socioeconomic differences in adolescents’ environmental tobacco smoke exposure in Finland
14-04 Electronic Cigarettes and Conventional Cigarette Use Among US Adolescents
14-04 Straight talk on mental health medication for young people
14-03 Worth the wait: effects of age of onset of marijuana use on white matter and impulsivity
14-03 E-cigarette prevalence and correlates of use among adolescents versus adults
14-03 Alcohol and Alcoholism Special Issue : Alcohol-related brain damage in adolescence (pdf)
14-01 Underage drinking in the UK: Changing trends, impact and interventions (pdf)
14-01 Alcohol Consumption and Psychological Distress in Adolescents: A Multi-Country Study
14-01 Real-time, contextual intervention using mobile technology to reduce marijuana use among youth
14-01 Predictors and Patterns of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Adolescents in 32 Countries
14-01 Trends in use of electronic nicotine delivery systems by adolescents
14-01 Does one cigarette make an adolescent smoker, and is it influenced by age and age of smoking initiation?
14-01 Worldwide Never-Smoking Youth Susceptibility to Smoking
14-01 Preventing alcohol harm: Early results from a cluster randomised, controlled trial in Victoria, Australia of comprehensive harm minimisation school drug education
14-01 The use of caffeinated alcoholic beverages among underage drinkers: Results of a national survey
14-01 Impact of smokeless tobacco packaging on perceptions and beliefs among youth, young adults, and adults in the U.S.)
14-01 Persistence of socioeconomic differences in adolescents’ environmental tobacco smoke exposure in Finland
14-01 Examining How Presumed Media Influence Affects Social Norms and Adolescents' Attitudes and Drinking Behavior Intentions in Rural Thailand
14-01 Alcohol Use Among Young Adolescents in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria: The Effects of Type of Education
14-01 The Influence of Prices on Youth Tobacco Use in India
14-01 Parent–Child Drug Communication: Pathway From Parents' Ad Exposure to Youth's Marijuana Use Intention
14-01 Authoritative Parenting and Cigarette Smoking among Multiethnic Preadolescents: The Mediating Role of Anti-Tobacco Parenting Strategies
14-01 Beliefs Associated With Intention to Ban Smoking in Households With Smokers
14-01 Moderating teen drinking: combining social marketing and education
14-01 Classroom characteristics and implementation of a substance use prevention curriculum in European countries
14-01 Trends in use of electronic nicotine delivery systems by adolescents
Drugs, Mental Health 5-16+
15-04 The Effects of Mental Health Symptoms and Marijuana Expectancies on Marijuana Use and Consequences Among At-Risk Adolescents
15-01 The association between depressive symptoms from early to late adolescence and later use and harmful use of alcohol
14-04 Sexual orientation and alcohol problem use among UK adolescents: an indirect link through depressed mood
Drugs, Mental Health 5-16+, Exercise
15-02 Tobacco Use Experimentation, Physical Activity, and Risk of Depression Among Multiethnic Urban Preadolescents
Drugs, Health
15-02 Poor sleep 'early warning sign' for drink and drug issues … and … research
Drugs, SRE
15-01 Alcohol and sexual health in young people: the role of PSHE
Drugs, Education
15-01 A longitudinal study of the association of adolescent polydrug use, alcohol use, and high school non-completion
Drugs, Lifestyle, SRE
15-01 School Victimization bullying and Substance Use Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Adolescents
Drugs, Drugs - Alcohol
14-01 Binge Drinking Trajectories Across Adolescence: For Early Maturing Youth, Extra-Curricular Activities Are Protective