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Research Links : about 11-16 year old school pupils

13-12 SHAHRP: School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project – Developments in Australia and the UK (pdf)
13-11 Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Use: Effects of a Two-Year Quasi-Experimental Community Intervention Intensifying Formal and Informal Control
13-11 The Social Norms and Beliefs of Teenage Male Electronic Cigarette Use
13-11 "Talk about Alcohol" resources from the Alcohol Education Trust "have made a difference to young people, by increasing knowledge about alcohol and its effects and by delaying drinking"
13-11 Moderating teen drinking: combining social marketing
13-11 Trends in educational differences in adolescent daily smoking across Europe, 2002–10
13-11 Are trainee teachers being adequately prepared to promote the health and well-being of school children?
13-11 The hazards of new media: Youth’s exposure to tobacco ads/promotions
13-11 Adolescent perceptions of cigarette appearance
13-11 A Randomized Clinical Trial of the Efficacy of Extended Smoking Cessation Treatment for Adolescent Smokers
13-11 Do Family Dinners Reduce the Risk for Early Adolescent Substance Use?
13-10 Drinking Patterns and Attitudes for Young People in Inner-Urban Melbourne and Outer-Urban Growth Areas: Differences and Similarities
13-10 From Kids, Through Kids, To Kids: Examining the Social Influence Strategies Used by Adolescents to Promote Prevention Among Peers
13-10 Predicting steep escalations in alcohol use over the teenage years
13-10 Secular Trends in Alcohol Drinking Among Danish 15-Year-Olds: Comparable Representative Samples From 1988 to 2010
13-10 “Drinking Won't Get You Thinking”: A Content Analysis of Adolescent-Created Print Alcohol Counter-advertisements
13-10 Trends in Substance Use Among 6th- to 10th-Grade Students From 1998 to 2010
13-10 Predictors and Patterns of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Adolescents in 32 Countries, 2007–2011
13-10 Binge Drinking Trajectories Across Adolescence: For Early Maturing Youth, Extra-Curricular Activities are Protective
13-10 Alcohol Consumption and Psychological Distress in Adolescents: A Multi-Country Study
13-10 Cigarette pack design and adolescent smoking susceptibility: a cross-sectional survey (pdf)
13-10 Peer Influences: The Impact of Online and Offline Friendship Networks on Adolescent Smoking and Alcohol Use
13-10 School-based programmes for preventing smoking (pdf)
13-09 The association between binge drinking and birth outcomes
13-09 Trends in the prevalence of multiple substance use in adolescents in England, 1998–2009
13-09 Statistics on Smoking, England - 2013
13-09 Alcohol prevention: What can be expected of a harm reduction focused school drug education programme?
13-09 The Influence of Prices on Youth Tobacco Use in India
13-09 Effectiveness of schoolbased life-skills and alcohol education programmes: a review of the literature (pdf)
13-09 Social Norms Intervention to Prevent Smoking: A Feasibility Study
13-07 Young people bought/tried electronic cigarettes?
13-06 How adolescents perceive cigarette packaging and possible benefits of plain packaging (pdf)
13-06 Self-reported drinking behaviour of school age children in Sunderland over a fourteen-year period (pdf)
13-06 School-based programmes for preventing smoking (pdf)
13-06 Tobacco smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke, and asthma and wheezing in schoolchildren: a cross-sectional study
13-06 Does advertising matter? Estimating the impact of cigarette advertising on smoking among youth in developing countires
13-06 The Swedish six-community alcohol and drug prevention trial: Effects on youth drinking
13-06 Prevalence of adolescents who perceive their parents to have alcohol problems: A Swedish national survey using a web panel
13-06 Responses to environmental smoking in never-smoking children: can symptoms of nicotine addiction develop in response to environmental tobacco smoke exposure?
13-06 "The Alcohol Just Pissed Me Off": Views About How Alcohol and Marijuana Influence Adolescent Dating Violence Perpetration, Results of a Qualitative Study
13-06 Smoking in Movies and Adolescent Smoking Initiation: Longitudinal Study in Six European Countries
13-06 The dynamic role of parental influences in preventing adolescent smoking initiation
13-06 Dating Violence Among Urban, Minority, Middle School Youth and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors and Substance Use
13-03 Influences on Boys' Marijuana Use in High School: A Two-Part Random Intercept Growth Model
13-03 Brand-Specific Consumption of Alcohol Among Underage Youth in the United States
13-03 The styles of coping in stressful situations and the strain of psychological complaints in relation to tobacco smoking in senior secondary school adolescents
13-03 Teens' blog accounts of the role of adults in youth alcohol consumption
13-03 Increased Risk of Alcohol and Drug Use among Children from Deployed Military Families
13-03 Initiation with menthol cigarettes and youth smoking uptake (pdf)
13-03 Communicating Trust Between Parents and Their Children: A Case Study of Adolescents’ Alcohol Use in Denmark
13-03 Four factors for the initiation of substance use by young adulthood: A 10-year follow-up twin and sibling study of marital conflict, monitoring, siblings, and peers
13-03 Risk profiles for early adolescents who regularly use alcohol and other drugs compared with older youth (pdf)
13-03 Alcohol Marketing Receptivity, Marketing-Specific Cognitions, and Underage Binge Drinking (pdf)
13-03 Alcohol-specific parenting, adolescent alcohol use and the mediating effect of adolescent alcohol-related cognitions (pdf)
13-03 US Children's Acquisition of Tobacco Media Literacy Skills: A Focus Group Analysis
13-03 Sex, age, and progression of drug use in adolescents admitted for substance use disorder treatment in the northeastern United States: Comparison with a national survey
13-03 Mental health approach to teenage alcohol prevention is successful
13-02 Adolescent Males' Awareness of and Willingness to Try Electronic Cigarettes
13-02 E-Cigarette: A New Tobacco Product for Schoolchildren in Paris
12-12 Research reveals why some teenagers more prone to binge drinking
12-12 Stickers: A popular health promotion resource, but do they have any effect? (pdf)
12-12 The mediating role of alcohol-related memory associations on the relation between perceived parental drinking and the onset of adolescents' alcohol use
12-12 Social relationships and subsequent health-related behaviours: linkages between adolescent peer status and levels of adult smoking in a Stockholm cohort (pdf)
12-12 Does Capital at Home Matter More than Capital at School? The Case of Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use (pdf)
12-12 Information Management Strategies Within Conversations About Cigarette Smoking: Parenting Correlates and Longitudinal Associations With Teen Smoking.
12-12 Family functioning and binge drinking among Italian adolescents
12-12 Incentives for preventing smoking in children and adolescents
12-12 Parental drinking habits and effects on children
12-11 Parenting Practices and Adolescent Risk Behavior: Rules on Smoking and Drinking Also Predict Cannabis Use and Early Sexual Debut (pdf)
12-10 The social network, socioeconomic background, and school type of adolescent smokers
12-10 Substance Use, Distress, and Adolescent School Networks
12-10 Second-hand tobacco smoke and children
12-10 Effect of a Smoking Ban and School-Based Prevention and Control Policies on Adolescent Smoking in Spain: A Multilevel Analysis
12-10 The likely impact of plain packaging of tobacco products on young people
12-10 Evidence of Social Contextual Effects on Adolescent Smoking in South Korea
12-10 A Cross-National Comparison of Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Drug Use and Delinquency in the United States and the Netherlands (pdf)
12-10 The reciprocal relationships between changes in adolescent perceived prevalence of smoking in movies and progression of smoking status
12-08 Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife ... and ... Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ
12-08 Televised Entertainment-Education to Prevent Adolescent Alcohol Use: Perceived Realism, Enjoyment, and Impact
12-08 Discussions with adults and youth to inform the development of a community-based tobacco control programme
12-08 Smoking, Plain Packaging and Young People
12-08 Drinking Less But Greater Harm: Could Polarized Drinking Habits Explain the Divergence Between Alcohol Consumption and Harms among Youth?
12-08 Gender differences in cigarette smoking, social correlates and cessation among adolescents
12-08 Does smoking affect schooling? Evidence from teenagers in rural China
12-08 Temporal Associations of Popularity and Alcohol Use Among Middle School Students
12-08 The persistence of the association between adolescent cannabis use and common mental disorders into young adulthood (pdf)
12-08 Which interventions against the sale of tobacco to minors can be expected to reduce smoking?
12-08 Survey of Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People in England
12-08 Does school ethos explain the relationship between value-added education and teenage substance use?
12-06 Graphic images on cigarette packages can make the health warning more memorable and improve recall of the health warning
12-06 Males who smoke before conception may damage their children’s health
12-06 Analysis of Influential Factors Associated With the Smoking Behavior of Aboriginal Schoolchildren in Remote Taiwanese Mountainous Areas
12-06 Does smoking affect schooling? Evidence from teenagers in rural China
12-06 Differences in the impact of the frequency and enjoyment of joint family activities on adolescent substance use and violence
12-06 Ambivalence and Fluidity in the Teenage Smoking and Quitting Experience: Lessons from A Qualitative Study at an English Secondary School
12-06 Drinking, Socioemotional Functioning, and Academic Progress in Secondary School
12-06 Statistics on Alcohol: England, 2012 (pdf)
12-05 Plain Tobacco Packaging: A Systematic Review (pdf)
12-05 Experimenting with cigarettes and physical activity among Mexican origin youth (pdf)
12-05 Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Cars Among US Middle and High School Students
12-05 Alcohol Consumption in Movies and Adolescent Binge Drinking in 6 European Countries (pdf)
12-05 Parental Smoking Cessation to Protect Young Children (pdf)
12-05 Predictors of binge drinking in German adolescents: ultimate and distal factors (pdf)
12-05 Substance abuse prevalence and its relation to scholastic achievement and sport factors: Adolescents in Bosnia and Herzegovina (pdf)
12-05 Drinking Frequency as a Brief Screen for Adolescent Alcohol Problems
12-05 Association between binge drinking, type of friends, and gender: A cross-sectional study among Brazilian adolescents (pdf)
12-03 Every year around 157,000 children aged 11-15 start smoking
12-03 Ethnic Group and Temporal Influences of Social Norms: Smoking Behavior Among a Panel of Adolescents
12-03 A cluster randomised controlled trial of an adolescent smoking cessation intervention
12-03 The effectiveness of school-based smoking prevention interventions among low- and high-SES European teenagers
12-03 School-related conscientiousness, alcohol drinking, and cigarette smoking in a representative sample of English school pupils
12-03 Cannabis use and subclinical positive psychotic experiences in early adolescence: findings from a Dutch survey
12-03 Does Intolerance of Smoking at School, or in Restaurants or Corner Stores Decrease Cigarette Use Initiation in Adolescents?
12-03 Academic achievement and smoking initiation in adolescence: a general growth mixture analysis
12-03 The Impact of School Suspension on Student Tobacco Use
12-01 The Rural Context of Illicit Substance Offers: A Study of Appalachian Rural Adolescents
12-01 Patterns of Alcohol Use in Early Adolescence Predict Problem Use at Age 16
12-01 The Impact of Alcohol Policies across Europe on Young Adults’ Perceptions of Alcohol Risks
12-01 The plain truth: how tobacco plain packaging will save lives - British Heart Foundation
12-01 Menthol Cigarette Preference by 14- to 15-Year-Old Smokers in New Zealand
12-01 Targeted Smoking Cessation Messages for Adolescents
12-01 Engagement with alcohol marketing and early brand allegiance in relation to early years of drinking
11-11 Which Australian secondary school students are at risk of illicit drug use?
11-11 The Örebro prevention programme revisited: a cluster-randomized effectiveness trial of programme effects on youth drinking
11-11 Parental behaviours, but not parental smoking, influence current smoking and smoking susceptibility among 14 and 15 year-old children
11-11 Mentoring adolescents to prevent drug and alcohol use
11-11 Social influence, intention to smoke, and adolescent smoking behaviour longitudinal relations
11-11 Australian young people's beliefs about the harmfulness of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco for mental disorders
11-11 A minimum price for alcohol
11-11 Academic achievement and smoking initiation in adolescence
11-10 The first family drug and alcohol court in Britain
11-10 Teenagers, films and smoking
11-10 Academic achievement and smoking: Is self-efficacy an important factor in understanding social inequalities in Finnish adolescents?
11-10 Psychosocial problems in childhood and later alcohol consumption : A life course approach with historical information
11-10 School-based prevention programs for alcohol misuse in young people
11-08 Linking use of social media and drug use
11-08 Heritability of Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Psychological Characteristics Among Adolescent Twins in Qingdao, China
11-08 Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2010 (pdf)
11-07 The influence of parents, siblings and peers on pre- and early-teen smoking
11-07 Gender differences in the impact of families on alcohol use
11-07 Different Forms of Bullying and Their Association to Smoking and Drinking Behavior in Italian Adolescents
11-07 Cigarette smoking status and recurrent subjective health complaints among US school-aged adolescents
11-07 Factors affecting parental supply of alcohol to underage adolescents
11-07 Childhood ADHD symptoms and risk for cigarette smoking during adolescence: School adjustment as a potential mediator.
11-07 Transitions between tobacco and cannabis use among adolescents
11-06 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling Outcomes for School-Aged Youth
11-06 Different Forms of Bullying and Their Association to Smoking and Drinking Behavior in Italian Adolescents
11-06 The effects of Project ALERT one year past curriculum completion.
11-06 Using community-based participatory research to reduce smoking in a high-risk young adult population
11-06 Sources of Cigarettes among Adolescent Smokers: Free or Purchased?
11-05 Teenage drinking and interethnic friendships
11-05 Almost three quarters of underage drinkers do not like being drunk
11-05 How Do Families Matter? Age and Gender Differences in Family Influences on Delinquency and Drug Use
11-05 A Mediation Analysis of a Tobacco Prevention Program for Adolescents in India: How Did Project MYTRI Work?
11-05 Early substance use initiation and suicide ideation and attempts among students in France and the United States
11-05 Academic Giftedness and Alcohol Use in U.S. Early Adolescence
11-04 What impact have tobacco control policies, cigarette price and tobacco control program funding had on Australian adolescents’ smoking? Findings over a 15-year period
11-04 Evaluating a selective prevention programme for binge drinking among young Dutch adolescents
11-04 A Prospective Study of Alcohol Expectancies and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Young Adolescent Alcohol Misuse
11-04 Alcohol Intoxication Among Dutch Adolescents: Acute Medical Complications
11-03 Prevalence and intensity of basic symptoms among cannabis users
11-03 Adult consequences of late adolescent alcohol consumption: A systematic review of cohort studies
11-03 Why target early adolescents and parents in alcohol prevention?
11-03 Adolescent alcohol involvement is associated with numerous negative outcomes, but also appears to have positive correlates, including subjective well-being.
11-03 The influence of family relations on cigarette and alcohol use from early to late adolescence
11-03 What differentiates adolescent problematic drinkers from their peers? Results from a cross-sectional study in Northern Irish school children
11-03 Parental monitoring, peer activities and alcohol use: A study based on data on Swedish adolescents
11-03 Assessing the cumulative impact of alcohol marketing on young people's drinking
11-01 Do executive function deficits predict later substance use disorders among adolescents and young adults?
11-01 U.S. middle school drinking: Who, where, and when
11-01 Cigarette displays do encourage smoking
10-12 Adolescent gender differences in the determinants of tobacco smoking: a cross sectional survey among high school students in Brazil (pdf)
10-12 The influence of youth music television viewership on changes in cigarette use and association with smoking peers
10-12 Do socioeconomic differences in tobacco use exist also in developing countries? A study of Ghanaian adolescents (pdf)
10-12 Psychosocial profiles of adolescent nonsmokers in the Pacific
10-12 Parenting strategies as influences of teenage drinking via self-esteem
10-12 Factors associated with commencing smoking in 12-year-old Spanish students (pdf)
10-12 Does a smoking prevention program in elementary schools prepare children for secondary school in the Netherlands?
10-12 Adolescent smoking effect of Canadian school and community characteristics
10-12 Guernsey's Young People : Smoking & self-esteem
10-11 Prevalence and associated factors of smoking among secondary school students in Harare Zimbabwe (pdf)
10-11 Right time, right place: alcohol-harm reduction strategies with children and young people
10-11 Wellbeing, alcohol use and sexual activity in young teenagers in NW England (pdf)
10-11 Rural community characteristics, economic hardship, and peer and parental influences in early adolescent alcohol use
10-11 Process evaluation of a tobacco prevention program in Indian schools
10-11 Cultural and gender convergence in adolescent drunkenness: Evidence from 23 European and North American Countries
10-11 Truancy, alcohol use and alcohol-related problems in secondary school pupils in Norway
10-11 Effects of individual characteristics and school environment on cigarette smoking among Vietnamese students aged 13-15
10-11 Predicting adolescent perceptions of the risks and benefits of cigarette smoking
10-11 Gender differences in the Netherlands in the association between pre-adolescent smoking initiation and emotional or behavioural problems (pdf)
10-10 A drugs and alcohol awareness programme developed, with 12-13 year olds, by the SW Ambulance Service(165kb)
10-10 The Linking Lives health education program: a randomized clinical trial of a parent-based tobacco use prevention program for African American and Latino youths.
10-10 Westernization and tobacco use among young people in Delhi
10-10 Effectiveness of the universal prevention program in The Netherlands ‘Healthy School and Drugs’
10-10 Connecting world youth with tobacco brands: YouTube
10-10 Smoking among adolescents in Hong Kong: influence of parental smoking
10-10 Working with young smokers: The development and implementation of a tailored behavioral support intervention model within Upper Schools in North Bedfordshire
10-09 The different contexts of drug use by street adolescents in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Drugs, Mental Health 5-16+
11-10 Parenting Style, Depressive Symptoms, and Substance Use in Mexican American Adolescents
Drugs, Useful Websites
11-03 Talk to Frank : government funded drugs information and advice service