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Research Links : about 16+ pupils and students

14-05 The association of media exposure and media literacy with adolescent alcohol and tobacco use
14-05 Assessment of health impacts of decreased smoking prevalence in Copenhagen
14-05 ‘Let’s get wasted’: A discourse analysis of teenagers’ talk about binge drinking
14-05 Review of Survey and Experimental Research That Examine the Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Men’s Sexual Aggression Perpetration
14-05 Being a non-drinking student: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
14-05 Non-Medical Prescription Stimulant Use in Graduate Students
14-05 Association of Educational Attainment and Adolescent Substance Use Disorder in a Clinical Sample
14-05 A Research Update on Correlates of Heavy Episodic Drinking Among Undergraduate College Students
14-05 Steps in Tailoring a Text Messaging–Based Smoking Cessation Program for Young Adults
14-05 Neurocognition in college-aged daily marijuana users
14-05 The dynamic association between healthy leisure and substance use in South African adolescents
14-05 High initial doses of antidepressants may double suicide risk in teens
14-05 Influence of Parental Alcohol-Related Attitudes, Behavior and Parenting Styles on Alcohol Use in Late and Very Late Adolescence
14-05 Reducing substance use during adolescence: a translational framework for prevention
14-05 The effects of social and health consequence framing on heavy drinking intentions among college students
14-05 Perceived Peer Drinking Norms and Responsible Drinking in UK University Settings
14-05 It's five o'clock somewhere: an examination of the association between happy hour drinking and negative consequences
14-04 Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Adolescents: The How, What and Where of Reducing Alcohol Consumption and Related Harm Among Young People (pdf)
14-04 Binge Drinking in Adolescents: A Review of Neurophysiological and Neuroimaging Research
14-04 Smoking on School Property as a Risk Factor for Substance Use Among Adolescent Smokers
14-04 ‘Passed and cleared’ – Former tobacco smokers’ experience in quitting smoking (pdf)
14-04 Smoking, plain packaging, and public health (pdf)
14-04 Persistence of socioeconomic differences in adolescents’ environmental tobacco smoke exposure in Finland
14-04 ADEPIS Quality standards for effective alcohol and drug education (pdf)
14-04 “When You Add Alcohol, It Gets That Much Better”: University Students, Alcohol Consumption, and Online Drinking Cultures

Standardised packaging of tobacco: Report of the independent review Sir Cyril Chantler

14-04 Which substance is most dangerous? Perceived harm ratings among students in urban and rural Norway
14-03 Electronic cigarettes in Canada: Prevalence of use and perceptions among youth and young adults
14-02 Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking ?
14-02 Having a good time: young people talk about risk and fun when combining alcohol consumption and water activities
14-02 The Influence of Parental, Peer, and School Factors on Marijuana Use Among Native American Adolescents
14-02 Smoking intention among Chinese youth and implications for health interventions
14-02 An Alcohol Message Beneath the Surface of ER: How Implicit Memory Influences Viewers’ Health Attitudes and Intentions Using Entertainment-Education
14-02 Effects of the Above the Influence Brand on Adolescent Drug Use Prevention Normative Beliefs
14-02 Smoking and Membership in a Fraternity or Sorority: A Systematic Review of the Literature
14-02 Smoking and Membership in a Fraternity or Sorority: A Systematic Review of the Literature
14-02 See it doesn’t look pretty does it?”: Young adults’ airbrushed drinking practices on Facebook
14-02 Correlates of smokeless tobacco use among first year college students
14-02 The relationship between weight and smoking in a national sample of adolescents: Role of gender
14-02 Adolescent Substance Use Initiation: Correlates of the Profiles of Prevention
14-02 School Violent Victimization and Recent Alcohol Use and Episodic Heavy Drinking Among Youth
14-02 Underage drinking in the UK: Changing trends, impact and interventions (pdf)
14-02 Adolescent peer aggression and its association with mental health and substance use in an Australian cohort
14-02 Peer Influence on Marijuana Use in Different Types of Friendships
14-02 Impact of smokeless tobacco packaging on perceptions and beliefs among youth, young adults, and adults in the U.S.
14-02 Cigarette warning labels: graphics, framing, and identity
14-02 Relationships Between Drugs and Delinquency in Adolescence: Influence of Gender and Victimization Experiences
14-02 Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Racial Differences in Illicit Drug Use in a Sample of US High School Students
14-02 Understanding Addiction: Adult Children of Alcoholics Describing Their Parents’ Drinking Problems
14-01 Is alcohol mixed with energy drinks consumption associated with susceptibility to smoking?
14-01 A comparison of the responsible drinking dimensions among underage and legal drinkers: examining differences in beliefs, motives, self-efficacy, barriers and intentions (pdf)
14-01 Predictors of drinking patterns in adolescence: A latent class analysis
14-01 Web-based intervention to change perceived norms of college student alcohol use and sexual behavior on Spring Break
14-01 The rise of the young non-drinkers
14-01 Adolescent Internet use and its relationship to cigarette smoking and alcohol use
14-01 Young adults who smoke cigarettes and marijuana: Analysis of thoughts and behaviors
14-01 Translating SBIRT to public school settings: An initial test of feasibility
14-01 Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) : an innovative new approach to substance abuse prevention, education and intervention for adolescents
13-12 Healthy Development in Young People e-Learning: for professionals working with substance use in young people
13-12 Drinking and You - Under 18?
13-12 Online alcohol marketing aimed at young people
13-12 The effectiveness of mass media campaigns in reducing smoking in England (pdf)
13-11 Sobering up : Local partnerships are fundamental in tackling Britain’s drinking culture
13-11 Cannabis use, addiction risk and functional impairment in youth seeking treatment for primary mood or anxiety concerns
13-11 Socio-demographic correlates of six indicators of alcohol consumption: survey findings of students across seven universities (pdf)
13-11 Understanding the relationship between social anxiety and alcohol use in college students
13-11 Do Risky Friends Change the Efficacy of a Primary Care Brief Intervention for Adolescent Alcohol Use?
13-11 Adolescent substance use: AYPH Research Summary No 15, November 2013 (pdf)
13-11 New York raising age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21
13-11 More US teens are trying Ecigarettes, but are they safer than traditional cigarettes? We don't know
13-11 Increased exposure to anti-tobacco media messages and a decrease in adolescent tobacco users
13-11 FT college students in US ages 18 to 22 are more likely to binge drink than peers who are part time or not enrolled.
13-11 Hookah Use Among Adolescents in the United States
13-11 Early Puberty Linked To Higher Substance Use Throughout Adolescence
13-11 Trends in alcohol portrayal in popular music: A longitudinal analysis of the UK charts (pdf)
13-11 “Drinking Won't Get You Thinking”: A Content Analysis of Adolescent-Created Print Alcohol Counter-advertisements
13-11 How soon they forget: changes to beliefs after learning about tobacco
13-11 Bullying victimization among college students: Negative consequences for alcohol use
13-11 Concurrent use of khat and tobacco is associated with verbal learning and delayed recall deficits
13-11 Alcohol consumption, dating relationships, and preliminary sexual outcomes in collegiate natural drinking groups
13-11 Reflections Regarding Future Cannabis Use Among High-Frequency Users in a Canadian University Student Population
13-11 False Identification Use Among College Students Increases the Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder
13-11 Risky Drinking, Risky Sex: A National Study of New Zealand University Students
13-10 Cigarette Smoking Among Asian American and Pacific Islander College Students Implications for College Health Promotion (pdf)
13-10 Environmental Influences on Tobacco Use Among Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth (pdf)
13-10 Statistics on Smoking, England - 2013
13-10 The pros and cons of legalising cannabis
13-10 Explaining Educational Differences in Adolescent Substance Use and Sexual Activity: The Role of Conceptions and Expectations of Adulthood
13-10 Performance of English stop smoking services in first 10 years
13-10 Young adults and the decline of the urban English pub: issues for planning
13-10 Attitudes towards SMS text message smoking cessation support: a qualitative study of pregnant smokers
13-09 Tobacco cessation interventions for young people (pdf)
13-08 Effectiveness of pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs among Lebanese school and university students
13-07 Media campaigns for the prevention of illicit drug use in young people (pdf)
13-07 Associations between abstainer, moderate and heavy drinker prototypes and drinking behavior in young adults
13-07 Frequency of energy drink use predicts illicit prescription stimulant use
13-07 A Panel Study of Peer Norms and Adolescent Alcohol Consumption: Developing Strategies for Communication Interventions
13-07 Minority stress, homonegativity, alcohol use and mental health amongst college gay males
13-07 German Medical Students’ Beliefs About the Effectiveness of Different Methods of Stopping Smoking
13-07 An Update of Research Examining College Student Alcohol-Related Consequences: New Perspectives and Implications for Interventions
13-07 Correlates of drug use and driving among undergraduate college students
13-07 Sex Differences in College Student Adherence to NIAAA Drinking Guidelines
13-07 The Waterpipe: A New Way of Hooking Youth on Tobacco
13-07 How does rate of smoking cessation vary by age, gender and social grade? Findings from a population survey in England
13-07 Effects of a Persistent Binge Drinking Pattern of Alcohol Consumption in Young People: A Follow-Up Study Using Event-Related Potentials
13-07 Alcohol and substance abuse risk among students at the Kenya Medical Training College
13-07 Does bullying others at school lead to adult aggression? The roles of drinking and university participation during the transition to adulthood
13-07 Community interventions for preventing smoking in young people (pdf)
13-07 Mass media interventions for smoking cessation in adults (pdf)
13-07 Does advertising matter? Estimating the impact of cigarette advertising on smoking among youth in developing countries
13-07 Psychological predictors of male smokeless tobacco use initiation and cessation: a 16-year longitudinal study
13-07 Smoking initiation and personal characteristics of secondary students in Hong Kong
13-07 Self-Affirmation, Intentions and Alcohol Consumption in Students
13-07 Harms and benefits associated with psychoactive drugs: findings of an international survey of active drug users
13-07 A note on the effects of education on youth smoking in a developing country
13-07 Brain Structure in Adolescents and Young Adults with Alcohol Problems
13-07 "The Alcohol Just Pissed Me Off": Views About How Alcohol and Marijuana Influence Adolescent Dating Violence Perpetration, Results of a Qualitative Study
13-07 An Exploratory Multilevel Analysis of Nonprescription Stimulant Use in a Sample of College Students (pdf)
13-07 Smoking behavior and sociodemographic differences among young people: Further evidence from southern Sweden based on public health survey data
13-07 A qualitative exploration of young adult smokers’ responses to novel tobacco warnings (pdf)
13-07 Alcohol drinking among college students: college responsibility for personal troubles (pdf)
13-07 Ambivalence and fluidity in the teenage smoking and quitting experience: Lessons from a qualitative study at an English secondary school
13-07 The Swedish six-community alcohol and drug prevention trial: Effects on youth drinking
13-07 Young people buy alcohol online
13-06 Smoking cessation and characteristics of success and failure among female high-school smokers
13-05 Use of e-cigarettes in Great Britain among adults and young people
13-05 ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’: People who think they are drunk also think they are attractive (pdf)
13-05 Secondhand Effects of Substance Use for Rural College Students
13-05 Industry Use of Evidence to Influence Alcohol Policy (pdf)
13-05 Intent to quit among daily and non-daily college student smokers
13-05 Lifecourse SEP and tobacco and cannabis usen (pdf)
13-05 Doping Attitudes and the Use of Legal and Illegal Performance-Enhancing Substances Among Italian Adolescents
13-05 Psychological predictors of male smokeless tobacco use initiation and cessation: a 16-year longitudinal study
13-05 “When you're desperate you'll ask anybody”: young people's social sources of tobacco
13-05 Moderation of a Parent-Based Intervention on Transitions in Drinking: Examining the Role of Normative Perceptions and Attitudes Among High- and Low-Risk First-Year College Students
13-05 Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking in a representative sample of English school pupils: Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations
13-05 Use and Perception of Electronic Cigarettes Among College Students
13-05 Australian university students' attitudes towards the use of prescription stimulants as cognitive enhancers: Perceived patterns of use, efficacy and safety
13-05 Mixed Drinks and Mixed Messages: Adolescent Girls’ Perspectives on Alcohol and Sexuality
13-05 The Teenage Brain: Adolescents and Alcohol
13-05 Citizens and the cigarette: The civic dimensions of America’s earliest, youth-targeted, mass-mediated anti-cigarette campaign
13-05 Using narratives to understand progress in youth alcohol and other drug treatment
13-05 Drinkers can underestimate alcohol habits
13-05 An eye opener, but mostly for others: Employees’ perceptions on workplace alcohol education programmes
13-05 Beer taste excites male brain
13-02 Cigarette smoking and measures of impulsivity in a college sample
13-02 Desistance and Protection from Binge Drinking between Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: A Study of Turning Points and Insulators
13-02 Injunctive Peer Misperceptions and the Mediation of Self-Approval on Risk for Driving After Drinking Among College Students
13-02 Unique software supports behavioural intervention programmes
13-02 Self-Control and Substance Use Among College Students (pdf)
13-02 Mental health approach to teenage alcohol prevention is successful
13-02 The Impact of a Student-Driven Social Marketing Campaign on College Student Alcohol-Related Beliefs and Behaviors
13-02 Nearly half of new mothers relapse to smoking within six weeks
13-02 Brain imaging insight into cannabis as a pain killer
13-02 Quitting smoking reduces anxiety
13-02 Passive smoking link to dementia
13-02 Parental drinking habits and effects on children
13-01 Alcohol units: Dr Michael Mosley looks at the science behind health advice BBC iPlayer
12-11 Smartphone drinks tracker app
12-11 A systematic review of school-based alcohol and other drug prevention programs facilitated by computers or Internet-based
12-11 Talking about alcohol consumption: Health campaigns, conversational valence, and binge drinking intentions (pdf)
12-11 Prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use among Brazilian adolescents (pdf)
12-11 College Student Smokers: Former Versus Current and Nonsmokers
12-11 Drinking Before Going to Licensed Premises: An Event-Level Analysis of Predrinking, Alcohol Consumption, and Adverse Outcomes
12-11 Portrayals of Teen Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use in Recent Popular Movies
12-11 Reasons for binge drinking among undergraduate students: An application of behavioural reasoning theory
12-11 Starting to smoke: a qualitative study of the experiences of Australian indigenous youth (pdf)
12-11 Young smokers’ narratives: public health, disadvantage and structural violence
12-11 Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death (pdf)
12-11 Effects of a 2.5-year campus-wide intervention to reduce college drinking
12-11 “No alcohol, no party”: An explorative study of young Danish moderate drinkers
12-11 The likely impact of plain packaging of tobacco products on young people
12-11 Individual and Country-Level Effects of Cannabis-Related Perceptions on Cannabis Use. A Multilevel Study Among Adolescents in 32 European Countries
12-11 Fewer under-18s need specialist drug treatment in England
12-11 The social norms approach for the prevention and reduction of licit and illicit drug use in European University and college students (pdf)
12-11 Legalising marijuana signals new social norms US drugs policy must match
12-09 Drinking in a straight or curved glass
12-09 The assessment of tobacco dependence in young users of smokeless tobacco
12-09 Managing Drug Use in Danish Club Settings: A Normalized Enterprise?
12-09 Smokeless tobacco products pose serious health risks
12-09 UK student alcohol consumption: A cluster analysis of drinking behaviour typologies
12-09 Consumer perceptions of cigarette pack design in France: a comparison of regular, limited edition and plain packaging
12-09 Friends Moderate the Effects of Pro-Smoking Media on College Students' Intentions to Smoke.
12-09 Second-hand smoke exposure and psychological distress in adolescents
12-09 Alcohol Portrayals in Movies, Music Videos and Soap Operas and Alcohol Use of Young People
12-09 Does staying in school (and not working) prevent teen smoking and drinking?
12-09 Drinking Less But Greater Harm: Could Polarized Drinking Habits Explain the Divergence Between Alcohol Consumption and Harms among Youth?
12-09 The potential harm of cannabis among adolescents
12-09 Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife
12-09 The effects of cannabis use on physical and mental health
12-09 The persistence of the association between adolescent cannabis use and common mental disorders into young adulthood (pdf)
12-09 Does family history of alcohol problems influence college and university drinking or substance use?
12-09 Differential changes in impulsivity and sensation seeking and the escalation of substance use from adolescence to early adulthood
12-07 The impact on the lungs of smoking cannabis
12-07 The effectiveness of a cue-reminder intervention to reduce adolescents' alcohol use in social contexts.
12-07 Smoking - SHEU Literature Search Resource (304 items currently)
12-07 Does family history of alcohol problems influence college and university drinking or substance use?
12-07 Risky Messages in Alcohol Advertising, 2003–2007
12-07 Who is Most Susceptible to Movie Smoking Effects? Exploring the Impacts of Race and Socioeconomic Status
Drugs, Drugs - Alcohol
14-05 Determinants of sustained binge drinking in young adults