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Research Links : about 16+ pupils and students

12-07 The role of family incomes in cigarette smoking: evidence from French students
12-07 Associations between adolescent heavy drinking and problem drinking in early adulthood: implications for prevention.
12-07 Linking mass media campaigns to pictorial warning labels on cigarette packages: a cross-sectional study to evaluate effects among Mexican smokers
12-07 A best–worst scaling survey of adolescents' level of concern for health and non-health consequences of smoking
12-07 Short-term Effects of a Smoking Prevention Website in American Indian Youth (pdf)
12-07 Social network influences on adolescent substance use: Disentangling structural equivalence from cohesion
12-07 Out of sight, out of mind? Removal of point-of-sale tobacco displays in Norway
12-07 Reducing Youth Access to Alcohol: Findings from a Community-Based Randomized Trial (pdf)
12-07 Tobacco promotion 'below-the-line': Exposure among adolescents and young adults in NSW, Australia (pdf)
12-07 Graphic images on cigarette packages can make the health warning more memorable and improve recall of the health warning
12-05 Statistics on Alcohol: England, 2012 (pdf)
12-05 People who smoke only at weekends cause as much damage to their memory as those who smoke on a daily basis (pdf)
12-05 Young people's overestimation of peer substance use: an exaggerated phenomenon? (pdf)
12-05 More research needed about home drinking
12-05 Universal alcohol misuse prevention programmes for children and adolescents
12-05 A Qualitative Mediation Study to Evaluate a School-Based Tobacco Prevention Program in India
12-05 ‘Why Don’t They Just Do What We Tell Them?’ Different Alcohol Prevention Discourses in Denmark
12-05 Childhood and adolescent psychopathology and subsequent tobacco smoking in young adults: findings from an Australian birth cohort
12-05 Surveying Teens in School to Assess the Prevalence of Problematic Drug Use
12-05 Does family history of alcohol problems influence college and university drinking or substance use?
12-05 Smoking cessation and characteristics of success and failure among female high-school smokers
12-05 Why (not) alcohol energy drinks? A qualitative study with Australian university students
12-05 The Effect of Alcohol Advertising on Immediate Alcohol Consumption in College Students
12-05 Young adults' gambling and its association with mental health and substance use problems
12-05 Good choices, great future: An applied theatre drama prevention program to reduce alcohol-related risky behaviours during Schoolies in Australia
12-05 Does Household Structure Affect Adolescent Smoking?
12-05 Reflections of young people who have had a first episode of psychosis: what attracted them to use alcohol and illicit drugs?
12-05 Cochrane Review: Universal school-based prevention programs for alcohol misuse in young people
12-05 Text-Message-Based Drinking Assessments and Brief Interventions for Young Adults Discharged from the Emergency Department
12-05 Associations between self-reported illness and non-drinking in young adults
12-04 Smoking of Parents and Best Friend—Independent and Combined Effects on Adolescent Smoking and Intention to Initiate and Quit Smoking
12-04 Reflections of young people who have had a first episode of psychosis: what attracted them to use alcohol and illicit drugs?
12-04 Adolescent smoking behavior and outcome expectancies
12-04 Impairments in daily functioning after heavy and extreme episodic drinking in university students
12-04 Interventions to prevent substance use and risky sexual behaviour in young people: a systematic review
12-04 Popular intoxicants: what lessons can be learned from the last 40 years of alcohol and cannabis regulation? (pdf)
12-04 Exploring General and Specific Attitudes Toward Drug Policies Among College Students
12-04 Structuring a College Alcohol Prevention Program on the Low Level of Response to Alcohol Model
12-04 Perspectives on Tobacco Use From Adolescents in Southwest China
12-04 A cluster randomised controlled trial of an adolescent smoking cessation intervention
12-04 Predicting Resistance to Health Education Messages for Cannabis Use
12-04 Deterioration of endothelial function and carotid intima-media thickness in Tibetan male adolescents exposed to second-hand smoke (pdf)
12-02 The Effect of Distressing Imagery on Attention to and Persuasiveness of an Antialcohol Message
12-02 Young people’s access to tobacco: a mixed-method systematic review
12-01 Undergraduate student drinking and related harms at an Australian university (pdf)
12-01 Exaggeration of perceived smoking norms among college students: Does smoking status matter?
11-12 Unintended consequences of dietary supplement use among daily smokers: taking supplements reduces self-regulation of smoking
11-12 Beliefs about Alcohol and the College Experience, Locus of Self, and College Undergraduates’ Drinking Patterns
11-12 Habit, identity, and repetitive action: A prospective study of binge-drinking in UK students
11-12 Intention to Smoke Tobacco Using a Waterpipe Among Students in a Southeastern U.S. College
11-12 My cup runneth over: Young people's lack of knowledge of low-risk drinking guidelines
11-12 Social Norms and Motivations Associated with College Binge Drinking
11-12 Brief interventions in primary care for family members affected by the substance misuse problem of a close relative.
11-12 Alcohol misuse is rare among Hong Kong medical students
11-11 Electronic-Cigarette Smoking Experience Among Adolescents
11-10 College Student Drinking and Local Crime Increased on a Student-constructed Holiday
11-10 What's your poison: A sober analysis of alcohol and health in the media (pdf)
11-10 College students’ use of compliance-gaining strategies to obtain prescription stimulant medications for illicit use
11-10 Social-norms interventions for light and nondrinking students
11-10 “We Drink, Therefore We Are” The role of group identification and norms in sustaining and challenging heavy drinking “Culture” (pdf)
11-10 Substance use prevention through school and community-based health promotion: a transdisciplinary approach from Iceland
11-10 Hitting the Wall: Youth Perspectives on Boredom, Trouble, and Drug Use Dynamics in Rural New Mexico
11-08 Linking use of social media and drug use
11-08 Heritability of Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Psychological Characteristics Among Adolescent Twins in Qingdao, China
11-08 Providing feedback via the web and social norms information to reduce student alcohol intake
11-08 Alcoholic liver disease in the under 30s has risen by half in the last ten years (BBC video)
11-07 Teenage marijuana check-up
11-07 Alcohol consumption in tertiary education students (pdf)
11-07 The Impact of Truant and Alcohol-Related Behavior on Educational Aspirations: A Study of US High School Seniors
11-07 Response to alcohol, peers, expectancies, and coping all contribute to adolescent drinking
11-07 Binge drinking 'can damage memory skills' in teen girls … and … Adolescent Binge Drinking - research
11-07 Alcohol Brand Preference and Binge Drinking Among Adolescent
11-07 Persistent Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Among College Students: Possible Association With ADHD Symptoms
11-06 Young people, alcohol and influences
11-06 Different Forms of Bullying and Their Association to Smoking and Drinking Behavior in Italian Adolescents
11-06 Sources of Cigarettes among Adolescent Smokers: Free or Purchased?
11-06 A systematic and methodological review of interventions for young people experiencing alcohol-related harm
11-06 Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling Outcomes for School-Aged Youth
11-06 Using community-based participatory research to reduce smoking in a high-risk young adult population
11-05 Dodgy survey on alcohol ads and under-18s
11-05 Almost three quarters of underage drinkers do not like being drunk
11-05 Changes in Self-Control Problems and Attention Problems During Middle School Predict Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana Use During High School
11-05 Thinking and drinking: Alcohol-related cognitions across stages of adolescent alcohol involvement
11-05 Does Avoidant Coping Influence Young Adults’ Smoking?: A Ten-Year Longitudinal Study
11-05 Sex, Temperament, and Family Context: How the Interaction of Early Factors Differentially Predict Adolescent Alcohol Use and Are Mediated by Proximal Adolescent Factors
11-05 Examining differences between light and heavier smoking vocational students
11-05 Dispositions to rash action moderate the associations between concurrent drinking, depressive symptoms, and alcohol problems during emerging adulthood.
11-05 The relationship between depression level and smoking motives in college smokers
11-05 How Do Families Matter? Age and Gender Differences in Family Influences on Delinquency and Drug Use
11-03 Internet-based and Mobile Phone Interventions to Decrease Alcohol Consumption and to Support Smoking Cessation in Adolescents
11-03 A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Reduce Adolescent Cannabis Use
11-03 Tobacco Use, Heavy Use, and Dependence Among Adolescents and Young Adults in the U.S.
11-03 What impact have tobacco control policies, cigarette price and tobacco control program funding had on Australian adolescents’ smoking? Findings over a 15-year period
11-03 Examining differences between light and heavier smoking vocational students
11-03 Alcohol Intoxication Among Dutch Adolescents: Acute Medical Complications
11-03 Prevalence and intensity of basic symptoms among cannabis users
11-03 Perceptions of anti-smoking messages amongst high school students in Pakistan
11-03 Effects of alcohol portrayals in movies on actual alcohol consumption
11-03 Is all risk bad? Young adult cigarette smokers fail to take adaptive risk in a laboratory decision-making test
11-03 Do cigarette prices motivate smokers to quit?
11-02 Invisible victims or competent agents: Opinions and ways of coping among children aged 12–18 years with problem drinking parents
11-02 Differentiated normalization and drug transitions among rural youth in Ireland
11-02 Psychosocial profiles of adolescent nonsmokers in the Pacific
11-02 Association of cigarette smoking with drug use and risk taking behavior in Irish teenagers
11-02 Changes in self-reported drinking behaviors among US teenagers associated with the introduction of alcopops
11-02 Barriers and facilitators to adolescent drug treatment: Youth, family, and staff reports
11-02 Patterns of substance use among young people attending colleges of further education in Northern Ireland.
11-02 Altered prefrontal and insular cortical thickness in adolescent marijuana users
11-02 Associations between abstinence in adolescence and economic and educational outcomes seven years later among high-risk youth
10-12 Does alcohol use predict violent behaviors?
10-12 Sport and use of anabolic androgenic steroids among Icelandic high school students (pdf)
10-12 Are adolescents gambling with cannabis use?
10-12 Externalizing behaviors and cigarette smoking as predictors for use of illicit drugs: a longitudinal study among Finnish adolescent twins.
10-12 “Immortal but frightened” – Swedish smoking adolescents’ perceptions on smoking uptake and prevention (pdf)
10-12 Street drugs trend survey
10-11 The extent to which processes of selection and social influence contribute to the construction of perceived drinking norms and actual alcohol use in college.
10-11 Self-reported tobacco smoking practices among Asian medical students and their perceptions towards training about tobacco smoking in medical curricula
10-11 Alcohol risk management in U.S. college settings: Reducing the incidence and likelihood of intoxication among college students
10-11 Can stand-alone computer-based interventions reduce alcohol consumption?
10-11 Ranking 20 drugs on 16 measures of harm to users and to wider society
10-11 Legal highs and the crazy chemist
10-11 Content analysis of antismoking videos on YouTube
10-11 Street drugs trend survey from Drugscope (pdf)
10-11 Internet-based interventions for young people with problematic substance use: a systematic review
10-10 Romantic relationship status changes and substance use among 18- to 20-year-olds
10-10 Associations between Norwegian schools' tobacco restrictions and adolescents' use of tobacco
10-10 New Zealand youth, social networking sites and alcohol marketing
10-10 Tobacco use among Indian adolescent students and the influence of role models
10-10 Reducing alcohol-related harm and social disorder in a university community
10-10 Vital signs: binge drinking among U.S. high school students and adults
10-10 Cannabis use at a young age is associated with psychotic experiences
10-10 Perceived norms for drinking in the transition from high school to college and beyond
10-10 Learning and memory performances in adolescent users of alcohol and marijuana: interactive effects
10-10 Aging images as a motivational trigger for smoking cessation in young women
10-10 Does Chinese culture influence psychosocial factors for heroin use among young adolescents in China? (pdf)
10-10 Reducing alcohol consumption by young people…(pdf)
10-09 Attitudes to new smoking restrictions and second-hand smoke among young Finnish males
10-09 Exercise treatment in Denmark for drug abuse
10-09 Relationships between rural adolescents' prosocial behaviors and young adult substance use
10-09 The stigmatisation of problem drug users - one finding suggests that young people aged 16 to 19 are more likely to have negative views of drug addiction than pensioners
10-09 Drop in teenage smokers after selling cigarettes to under 18s was made illegal
10-07 Controlling alcohol-related global health problems
10-07 Determinants of resilience to cigarette smoking among young Australians at risk
10-07 Use of fake identification to purchase alcohol amongst 15-16 year olds: a cross-sectional survey examining alcohol access, consumption and harm
10-07 Recent trends in exposure to secondhand smoke in the United States
10-06 Does drinking red wine help protect your eyesight?
10-06 Understanding adolescent caffeine use: Connecting use patterns with expectancies, reasons, and sleep
10-06 Cigarette smoking increases the risk of symptoms of depression
10-06 Will a minimum price for alcohol reduce binge drinking?
10-06 Protective influences on the negative consequences of drinking among youth
10-05 The family experience of adolescents with an addicted parent
10-05 Communicative fathers' help reduce teenage smoking
10-05 Wine 'does not boost heart health'
10-04 Will increasing alcohol availability by lowering the minimum legal drinking age decrease drinking and related consequences among youths?
10-04 Education, alcohol use and abuse among young adults in Britain
10-04 Comparative responses to radio and television anti-smoking advertisements to encourage smoking cessation
10-04 Drinking to have fun and to get drunk: Motives as predictors of weekend drinking over and above usual drinking habits
10-04 Peer substance use overestimation among French university students
10-03 Young people and alcohol in Italy
10-03 Smoking prevents Alzheimer's? It depends who you ask
10-03 Wine and women's weight
10-03 Knowledge of substance abuse among High School students in Jordan
10-03 Adolescent alcohol and illicit drug use among first- and second-generation immigrants in Sweden
10-03 Mephedrone study documents rise of 'legal high'
10-03 Media campaign effectiveness in promoting a smoking-cessation program
10-03 Consumer and health literacy: The need to better design tobacco-cessation product packaging, labels, and inserts
10-02 Emotional, behavioural problems and cigarette smoking in Greek adolescents
10-02 Public attitudes towards cannabis toughens and a majority think cannabis should remain illegal
10-02 Protective factors for adolescent substance use in Hungary
10-02 Lack of sleep and drug use
10-02 Substance use among late adolescent urban youths: Mental health and gender influences
10-02 U.S. survey finds significant racial differences in lung cancer beliefs
10-01 Smoking and drinking among college students: 'It's a package deal'
10-01 Identifying patterns in partnership with students who want to quit smoking
10-01 Young people and drugs: Next generation of harm reduction
10-01 Blogging as 'therapy'? Exploring personal technologies for smoking cessation
10-01 Intentions to quit smoking among youth in substance abuse treatment
10-01 Geographic clustering of underage drinking in the U.S. and the influence of community characteristics
10-01 Cracking down on youth tobacco may influence drug use
10-01 Substance use among university and middle school students in China
09-12 Red wine may prevent tooth decay
09-12 Strong 'skunk' and psychosis
09-12 The state of the drugs problem in Europe (p.44 in report - Cannabis use among UK 16-24 yr.olds continues to fall)
09-12 Prevalence and correlates of alcohol and other substance use disorders in Finnish young adults
09-12 Social-cognitive beliefs, alcohol, and tobacco use: a prospective community study of change following a ban on smoking in public places
09-12 Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs
09-12 Higher alcohol intake - prevents or encourages chronic heart disease?
09-12 Young people, alcohol and the news
09-12 Breaking binge drinking habits is about recognising that not all drinkers are the same
09-12 Interest in marijuana treatment programs among teenage smokers and nonsmokers
09-11 Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative, and other observations about anti-tobacco-harm-reduction arguments
09-11 Teenage drinking, alcohol availability and pricing: a cross-sectional study of risk and protective factors for alcohol-related harms in school children
09-11 Contribution of parental and school personnel smoking to health risk behaviours among Finnish adolescents
09-11 Children, young people and alcohol: how they learn and how to prevent excessive use
09-11 Sex differences in reinforcing value of caffeinated beverages in adolescents
09-11 The motivational context for mandated alcohol interventions for U.S. college students by gender and family history
09-10 Associations between smoking and media literacy in U.S. college students
09-10 Alcohol control policies and alcohol consumption by youth: a multi-national study.
09-10 Over 5000 litres of alcohol confiscated from teenagers over the summer
09-10 How does exposure to cigarette advertising contribute to smoking in adolescents? The role of the developing self-concept and identification with advertising models