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Research Links : about 5-11-year-old school pupils

Mental Health 5-16+
15-10 Pupils struggling with eating disorders, drug abuse and attempted suicide as a result of increasing pressure and stress
15-09 Prenatal antidepressant exposure and child behavioural outcomes at 7 years of age
15-08 Communications to children about mental illness and their role in stigma development
15-07 Abdominal pain symptoms are associated with anxiety and depression in young children
15-07 An Investigation into the Role of Coping in Preventing Depression associated with Perfectionism in Preadolescent Children
15-06 Expressive Arts as a Means of Increasing Well-Being in Children
15-05 Group memberships boost self-esteem more than friends alone
15-05 The role of aspirations in young children's emotional and behavioural problems
15-05 The Relationship between Personality Traits and Stress Levels in Children
15-04 Will mindfulness lessons help to calm my children?
15-04 Internalising symptoms and body dissatisfaction: untangling temporal precedence using cross-lagged models in two cohorts
15-03 Stressful Life Events and Child Anxiety: Examining Parent and Child Mediators
15-03 All children should receive weekly 'happiness' lessons from the age of five
15-03 The Relationship between Mental Health and Young Children's Academic Development: What We Can Learn From a National Sample of At-Risk Chilean Children
15-01 Counselling in UK primary schools: Outcomes and predictors of change
15-01 Long term mental health outcomes of Finnish children evacuated to Swedish families during the second world war and their non-evacuated siblings
15-01 Kids’ mental health is parents’ top worry
13-11 Parents Reap What They Sow: Child-Centrism and Parental Well-Being
09-12 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Primary School Teachers
Mental Health 5-16+, Health
14-12 A survey on happiness in primary school children in Flanders
14-12 Measuring National Well-being - Exploring the Well-being of Children in the UK, 2014
14-11 What Predicts a Successful Life? Emotional health in childhood ‘is the key to future happiness’
14-09 5,600 young people can’t be wrong: YoungMinds vs - mental health campaign
14-09 Children's participation in school: a cross-sectional study of the relationship between school environments, participation and health and well-being outcomes
14-09 The Influence of Health Behaviors During Childhood on Adolescent Health Behaviors, Health Indicators, and Academic Outcomes Among Participants from Hawaii
14-09 Evaluating the implementation of a school-based emotional well-being programme: a cluster randomized controlled trial of Zippy’s Friends for children in disadvantaged primary schools
14-09 Assessment of Anxiety Symptoms in School Children: A Cross-Sex and Ethnic Examination
14-08 Health related quality of life of immigrant children: towards a new pattern in Germany?
14-06 School Belongingness and Mental Health Functioning across the Primary-Secondary Transition in a Mainstream Sample
14-06 How to identify and support those pupils whose behaviour suggests they may have unmet mental health needs
14-06 Is bullying bad for your health? The consequences of bullying perpetration and victimization in childhood on health behaviors in adulthood
14-06 Mental Health and Bullying in the United States Among Children Aged 6 to 17 Years
14-03 Parents' communication to primary school-aged children about mental health and ill-health: a grounded theory study
14-03 ‘Health and happiness is more important than weight’: a qualitative investigation of the views of parents receiving written feedback on their child's weight as part of the National Child Measurement Programme
14-01 Parent-Child Relationships and Child Physical Health and Stress-Related Physiology: A Daily Diary Investigation
14-01 When being called “incredibly good” is bad for children
13-12 Parenting stress and child physical health among a low-income sample: The moderating role of child anxiety
13-12 Can screening 4–5 year olds accurately identify children who will have teacher-reported mental health problems when children are aged 6–7 years?
13-12 Associations between school-related factors and depressive symptoms among children: A comparative study, Finland and Norway
13-11 A three generation study of the mental health relationships between grandparents, parents and children (pdf)
13-10 Play and Video Effects on Mood and Procedure Behaviors in School-Aged Children Visiting the Pediatrician
13-10 How healthy behaviour supports children’s wellbeing
13-10 The Development of a School-Based Measure of Child Mental Health
13-10 NetTweens: The Internet and Body Image Concerns in Preteenage Girls
13-05 Prospective evaluation of the pyramid plus psychosocial intervention for shy withdrawn children: an assessment of efficacy in 7- to 8-year-old school children in Northern Ireland
13-02 Teachers and health promotion: Method's teachers use to promote their pupil's mental health at primary school (pdf)
13-02 Effects on coping skills and anxiety of a universal school-based mental health intervention delivered in Scottish primary schools
12-12 Sleep problems and mental health in primary school new entrants
09-05 Many 6/7 year old children who are depressed, anxious or aggressive risk being victimised later on
Mental Health 5-16+, Health, Lifestyle
14-11 Bullying continues to impact on wellbeing of pupils, parents and professionals
21-11 K-12 School Shootings: Implications for Policy, Prevention, and Child Well-Being

The effect of the use of concept cartoons in gaining of citizenship consciousness of primary school students

15-03 Citizenship orientations and knowledge in Dutch primary and secondary education
20-05 Early bedtime may help children maintain healthy weight
20-05 Cocky kids: The four-year-olds with the same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers