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Research Links : about 11-16 year old school pupils

Mental Health 5-16+
08-02 Teaching happiness: the classes in wellbeing that are helping our children
07-08 Evaluation of a school-based health promotion programme for adolescents aged 12–15 years with focus on well-being related to stress
07-05 On the Edge: a drama-based mental health education programme on early psychosis for schools
06-06 Lessons in life: Why I'm teaching happiness
15-07 Teaching British values and SMSC
15-04 Children as Members of a Community: Citizenship, participation and educational development
15-04 Defining and measuring youth digital citizenship
15-03 Teachers’ views on students’ experiences of community involvement and citizenship education
15-03 Citizenship and Education : research from the National Foundation for Educational Research England and Wales
15-02 Teachers’ perceptions of education for democratic citizenship in schools with transnational youth: A comparative study in the UK and Denmark
15-01 Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools in England
14-07 Citizenship Education in English Secondary Schools: teaching and learning to transform or conform?
14-03 Citizenship of young people - Ellen Geboers
14-03 Review of the effects of citizenship education - Ellen Geboers
12-12 Does Citizenship Education Work? Evidence from a Decade of Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools in England
12-05 Citizenship education at school in Europe. Survey. Brussels: European Commission.
11-11 Does Citizenship Education Make Young People Better-Engaged Citizens?
10-11 Citizenship education in England 2001-2010: young people's practices and prospects for the future
20-05 Adolescent follow-up in the Health Outcomes and Measures of the Environment (HOME) Study: cohort profile
20-05 Factors associated with quality of life for children affected by parental illness or substance abuse
20-05 'Loss of pleasure' found in teen sleep study