Open access online journal: Education and Health

Open access online journal: Education and Health

Since 1983 SHEU have published the quarterly journal Education and Health.
E&H is now available as an open access online journal.
Not only can you view the journal for free, you can also read all the past issues.
The journal regularly attracts contributions from around the world and we welcome new contributors.
Articles can be up to 3000 words.
Forthcoming and recent titles include:

Ready, willing, and able? Sleep hygiene education, motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia in an Australian high school setting

Simulated gambling in video gaming: What are the implications for adolescents?

School-based drama, health and wellbeing: Challenges to studying its effectiveness

Water supplementation improves visual attention and fine motor skills in schoolchildren

Musical games and empathy

Underage conceptions and abortions in England and Wales 1969-2009: the role of public policy
Health promoting schools in New Zealand: Belonging and empowerment in two primary schools
Exploring primary school teachers' experiences of implementing a healthy eating intervention

Communicating about sexual matters within the family: Facilitators and barriers

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