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Plymouth Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship Education Conference: 21st. March 2019

Plymouth Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship Education Conference: 21st. March 2019

SHeu pepper sauce

Doubtless fabulous, but nothing to do with us. Do contact https://www.sheu-peppersauce.com/

Goldilocks is online

Update June 2019: I turned this blog post into an article, which is a bit more up to date: http://sheu.org.uk/x/EH/eh372dr.pdf

I was particularly interested to hear the exchanges on a BBC programme: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3cstygs


East End girls

This is something of an accidental blog post.  We were asked recently for some information about young people, which I misinterpreted as asking about differences between local authorities.

The Infinite Monkey Rule

I always learn things from listening to the radio. On 'The Infinite Monkey Cage', I heard Brian Cox rattle off a 'rule of thumb', which goes something like:

A number plus or minus the square root of the sample size is consistent with random sampling error.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04yfsst (listen from 20 minutes in)

I hadn't heard that one, but deploying those key research tools, the back of an envelope and a pencil, I could see where it comes from.


This is a test page for exploring colour schemes kinder to people with colour vision anomalies.


Cause and effect with vaping and smoking

Browsing through my colleague David McGeorge's latest round-up of research into young people and health (https://sheu.org.uk/resl), I came across a paper about how e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes may be adopted by young people (https://sheu.org.uk/content/how-effect-adolescent-e-cigarette-use-smokin...).

Young People into 2018


EMBARGO until 12:01am Friday 8th June 2018


The Young People into 2018 report

[PDF of this press release]


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