Scratchy Bottom?

Scratchy Bottom?

Is there a school close to Scratchy Bottom near Durdle Door?

Anna, Jim, Charleigh, David, Alex, Nick, Nigel, Val, Angela, Marta and Jane are the SHEU crew involved with your surveys.
Recent and current surveys come from schools in… Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Dudley, Essex, Hertfordshire, Knowsley, Lambeth, Lewisham, North Yorkshire, Solihull, South Gloucester and Wolverhampton.
Data come tumbling in from online and paper surveys and get processed, analysed, reported and fed back to schools, colleges and local authorities across the country.


In recent surveys thousands of young people are involved in hundreds of schools with results providing data for health  promotion planning and the healthy school enhanced model.

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Since 1977 SHEU have provided a nationally recognised service and continue to meet the needs of colleagues working with young people. Using SHEU data they are being provided with good information and evidence to inform National Indicators including ECM, SEF, PSA and PSHEE.
For details of pupil, parent and many other surveys please visit surveys and then talk with Angela Balding about how SHEU can  provide an independent, detailed, picture of your young people.