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Self-reported #drinking behaviour of school age #children in Sunderland over a fourteen-year period

Dr Alison McInnes and Dr David Blackwell, in the latest issue of the journal Education and Health, present their study on the drinking behaviours and health-related practices of school-age children in the North East.
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SHEU data young people, beer and lager drinking - school survey results from 10-15 year olds

Young people, beer and lager - another SHEUByte [bite-sized research resource].
Since 1983, 14-15 yr old boys report that, after beer, their second favourite alcoholic drink is ...?
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Risk assessment

Why did I get into the field of health education? Lots of reasons, surely, but here is one.

Alcohol trends

I did various things on the BBC yesterday, mostly about alcohol and young people: overall, fewer young people drink but there's a few going well over the top.

I got back to work today to find a ticking off in my mailbox from the British Beer & Pub Association.  They  explained that I was out of date in what I said about increasing alcohol consumption in the adult population.  That may have been true up to 2004.


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Trends - Alcohol

Attitudes to drinking 1983-2001

This report is to be updated and is currently not available for sale.

The following is a summary of the report.

When looking over these many years of figures, we find that young people in recent years are...

* less likely to drink alcohol on at least one day in the last seven (in 2001, 49% of 14-15 year olds and around 26% of 12-13 year olds reported drinking and the majority drank on just one day in the last seven)

21 years of 14-15 year olds drinking

SHEU figures from 1985 show that more 14-15 year old males than 14-15 year old females consistently report drinking more than 10 units of alcohol ‘in the last seven days’.

Over the years, there has been around a 5% ± difference between the two groups with no overall trend.

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