Fit to Succeed

The Fit to Succeed programme involves much more than just the online survey but if you would like to try it out do get in touch.



We have done a variety of customised surveys including the Regional Governors SRE Survey, summarised below.

A report of a survey of Chairs of School Governors carried out in the South-West of England 2002 South-West Regional Health Authority
In association with: Schools Health Education Unit, Exeter

School Self-Evaluation

The SEF is no longer officially required but some schools are still using the SEF and SHEU will continue to offer schools a Self-Evaluation report

The climate in which schools operate is of course always changing, and some of the changes from the last Government include:sef_1.jpg

* The new OFSTED framework for inspection

Healthy Schools

The Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) was a joint initiative between DCSF and Department of Health (DH) - which promoted a whole school / whole child approach to health. The Programme began in 1999. It was recognised as a key delivery mechanism in the Children’s Plan (DCSF 2007) and in Healthy Weight, healthy Lives (DH 2008) – 21st Century White Paper reference.
The Healthy Schools Programme had several aims:

Survey Support

Organising a survey

1. Model letters
We can supply for your use model letters to engage with local partners. For example, we have a letter of invitation from a Director of Public Health to local Headteachers, inviting them to take part in a survey. For headteachers, there is a letter they can send to parents, informing them about the survey and requesting information.
2. Local contacts


Prices can range from less than £100 to carry out a primary school parent perception survey online, to some hundreds of pounds to do a full lifestyle survey on paper with secondary school pupils in two year groups.

Special Needs and Short Stay Schools

All our surveys have been adapted for use in different settings, like short stay schools (PRUs) and special schools. For example, when conducting a survey across an authority, we often produce versions for special schools and for short stay schools.

We are happy to meet requests to get the questionnaires translated.  [Click on the picture to see a larger version of a page of the primary questionnaire in Polish.]


What do you get back?

We are experienced in producing reports for a variety of purposes and audiences:

Customised surveys

We have a number of off-the-shelf surveys which are available to clients but we can of course design a questionnaire just for you.

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