Vulnerable pupils

We often look to see how groups of vulnerable young people are doing relative to their peers in our data sets.

We were recently prompted to look at young people who are young carers, who have special educational needs, who are attending PRUs, and who are in Special Schools.  The numbers from PRUs and Special Schools who completed any of our questionnaires are small, and they may not have answered the same set of questions, so this analysis is rather patchy. 

E-cigarettes: not just for quitters?

There has been some talk in the press recently regarding a new US study about e-cigarettes, which seems to show that e‑cigarettes can contribute to the recruitment of young people (16+) to smoking.  The value of this study is that it was a longitudinal study, where the same respondents are followed up at a later date.

Electronic cigarette children and young people : links to some research about e-cigarettes

A growing number of studies are being conducted to establish whether the uptake of e-cigarettes is also occurring among those under the age of 18 ... link to some studies ...

Q: Does anyone smoke in a car when you are in it too? A: 20% of children said yes #SHEUres

According to the BBC, a plan to ban smoking in cars carrying children is due to be put to a vote in the House of Lords today.

Another BBC story quotes James Cant, head of the British Lung Foundation Scotland, pointed to a 2010 NHS study in England which found that about 18% of children aged 11 to 15 were exposed to smoke in cars.

How adolescents perceive cigarette packaging and possible benefits of plain packaging #smoking

In the latest issue of the journal Education and Health, Allison Ford and colleagues from the Institute for Social Marketing, University of Stirling, research adolescents’ responses to, and perceptions of, different cigarette pack styles. The results could help adolescents recognise how they continue to be targeted by the tobacco industry and support school-based tobacco education to help smoking prevention.
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Stickers: A popular health promotion resource, but do they have any effect?

Dr Marewa Glover and colleagues from the University of Auckland, in the latest issue of the journal Education and Health, describe a study that assessed the reach and perceived effectiveness of health education resources developed as part of an intervention targeting Māori and Pacific parental smoking behaviour and attitudes to reduce smoking initiation among middle school children in New Zealand.
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Smoking, Plain Packaging and Young People

The likely impact of plain packaging of tobacco products on young people
Australia's highest court has upheld a new government law on mandatory packaging for cigarettes that removes brand colours and logos from packaging (BBC)
What evidence supports the law? ...
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Smoking, Plain Packaging and Young People

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as the specialist provider of reliable local survey data for schools and colleges

The likely impact of plain packaging of tobacco products
on young people 

The above title comes from an Australian report (Quit Victoria, Cancer Council Victoria, May 2011).

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