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Others can be tried, of course.

Do girls or boys eat more fresh fruit?

New SHEU data, from 1999-2010, show that girls, more than boys, and 10-11 year olds, more than older children, report eating fresh fruit 'on most days'.
Follow this link for the chart
Data from: 'Food: Now and Then - Young People's Food Choices'
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Would you believe a man with a beard or a suit?

...asks the BBC.

Or both?

Of course, on Radio, no-one can see your chin (LISTEN).  Someone I met from a technical Support Desk did say I was taller in real life than I sounded on the phone...

SHEU response to PSHE review

We've just sent off our submission to the PSHE review (last day if you have not!).

Here is ours:


Some others (maybe drafts):

SHEU response to the Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE) Education

Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE) Education

Response Form

The closing date is: 30 November 2011

Q1) What do you consider the core outcomes PSHE education should achieve and what areas of basic core knowledge and awareness should pupils be expected to acquire at school through PSHE education?

Reporting of children's sweet consumption and health risks - SHEU Views the News

A recently reported research study assessed the diet of U.S. children and adolescents to determine the effects of sweet (candy) consumption and risk factors for heart disease. Following publication of the research there was particular interest in certain aspects of the study. Follow the link to read SHEU's views on this news.

SHEU Views the News July Sweets


SHEU Views the News - July Sweets

From the Schools and Students Health Education Unit (SHEU)

"The Health Related Behaviour Survey is an incredibly useful resource for us..."

Feedback from clients is just one of the items featured in our most recent SHEUNews.
Another comment is, "The survey data for (us) are very useful ... This is especially important when evaluating the impact of interventions regarding alcohol or other areas...".

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