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Leicester Health and Wellbeing Survey 2015

We are writing to invite your school to participate in an important Health and Wellbeing survey that we are undertaking of children and young people in Leicester. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the experiences and behaviour of children and young people and to help with planning relevant and responsive services for them.

The full letter is linked to this page below:
Leicester 2015 invitation to schools


School health research : #mentalhealth : some links from Schools Health Education Unit to research about children young people

sheu research about childen and young people

Some links to research about Children and Young People's mental health wellbeing ... /mh

School health research : #sex #education : Schools Health Education Unit links to recent research about 11-16 yr olds

Free updates - join the list to receive links to research about sex education RSE SRE

The following URL from the Schools Health Education Unit is to research links about 11-16 yr olds and SRE

School health research

"Please send me the 3 research emails about school health research" or click on the following links about ...


School health research

Mindfulness, sex education, healthy eating, bullying, obesity, character building, smoking, bulima, PSHE, citizenship, school health research ... whatever your keyword you should find some useful links to research about children and young people here


Healthy Schools Audit: Self-Validation Form

We designed an online self-validation form for Healthy Schools, and for each school showed their survey figures alongside the Healthy Schools criteria. Here is an example of a completed form

Development of a novel, school located, #obesity prevention programme, the Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP)

Dr Katrina Wyatt and Dr Jennifer Lloyd, in the latest issue of the journal Education and Health, describe the development of a school-located obesity prevention programme which used creative delivery methods to engage and support schools, children and their families in adopting sustainable changes to their lifestyles.
To read the article please follow this link

The Pupil Premium and Better Outcomes

Schools are entitled to a pupil premium for those pupils entitled to free school meals.

We can analyse for each school the results from a SHEU survey to compare answers from those pupils receiving free school meals with those from the rest of the sample.  A typical report is shown below:



Pupil Premium

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