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School Health at the time of World War One

Marking 100 years since Britain joined World War One

... some information about school health in Britain around 1914-1918

  • 1906 and 1914 Education (Provision of Meals) Acts

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C&YP H& resource..possibly one of the best..probably near the top..links to research about children and young people

Join the list to receive links to research about C&YP H&WB : possibly one of the best - or certainly highly recommended - free resource - ever ... /res

Walking and .. young people .. green walking ..walking may/may not be enough .. #SHEUres links to research

Walking ... 

SHEU ask young people many questions about their health and wellbeing including sports and activities they do outside school.

'Walking' usually appears at the top of the top ten list [chosen from a list of around 40 items].

12-15 yr olds and their favourite sports/activities outside school [Young People into 2013 p75-77]

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" Many thanks for all of the fantastic information that you have sent to me over the years, it has really helped me to plan relevant courses for my students to follow and to help me to focus on the needs of the students I teach. " Head of PSHE/Student Health & Welfare


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