Trends - Young People and Leisure 1983-2005


Attitudes to and experience of leisure activities 1983-2005

This report is to be updated and is currently not available for sale.

Trends - Smoking

Attitudes to cigarettes 1983-2007

The following is a summary of the report available from SHEU (£10 incl. p&p)

When looking over these many years of figures, we find that young people in recent years are...

* the last ten years show a rise in those young people reporting they have 'never smoked at all'
* over the years the older females have remained the 'heavier' smokers ranging from 12% (1987), 20% (1996) and around 15% in more recent years
* consistently reporting that around 50% of 14-15 year olds have a close friend that smokes regularly

Trends - Illegal Drugs 1987-2008

A report in the series showing trends in young people's health related behaviour. The report provides factual information and over 30 easy-to-read charts and tables that are relevant to those concerned with the healthy development of young people.

Written using data derived from the Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire surveys, the report uses a sample of 629,328 young people between the ages of 10 and 15 from across the UK.

This report shows trends from 1987-2008 in data from young people that have reported their attitudes to and experience of illegal drugs.

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Trends: Young People and Food Choices and Smoking

Using new data from over 516,000 young people we are updating the Trends reports that have data from 1983.
For example, around 25% of regular smokers, across all groups, don't want to give up smoking. The apparent lack of an overall trend suggests that the proportion who don't want to give up is fairly consistent irrespective of any influences that may alter a young smoker's attitude, and despite all health education efforts since the early 1980s.

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  1. SHEU is an independent research, survey and publishing company and the 'Young People into ...' series of reports are based on the work of one of its divisions - The Schools Health Education Unit. The Unit provides reliable baseline data for local needs assessment to inform plans in health, education and care.
  2. The accumulated databank from the hundreds of school surveys we support each year, involving tens of thousands of young people, is a valuable resource of information and provides many opportunities for research. But we caution against simple reporting and interpretation of our figures as being from 'a national survey'.
  3. In 2014 we compared the profile of the schools in our data sets with what we can see in the country as a whole (see link), and we were pleasantly surprised by the similarity.  This confirms what we concluded in 2004 through a similar study: that the SHEU data sets are reasonably well-matched to the national population of schools.