Simulated gambling in video gaming: What are the implications for adolescents?

Professor Mark D. Griffiths' article, published in the latest issue of Education and Health, provides an overview of research into children and adolescents' access to online gambling activities using digital devices. To read the article, follow this link.

School Self-Evaluation

The SEF is no longer officially required but some schools are still using the SEF and SHEU will continue to offer schools a Self-Evaluation report

The climate in which schools operate is of course always changing, and some of the changes from the last Government include:sef_1.jpg

* The new OFSTED framework for inspection

Lifestyle surveys

SHEU is perhaps best known for its lifestyle surveys, available on paper and online, which cover a wide range of topics related to health and well-being.


SHEU have been doing survey work with schools, public health and local authorities for over 30 years. What sort of survey are you interested in?

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