The US School Breakfast Program was established in 1966 ... links to #research about eating #breakfast & educational outcomes

The US School Breakfast Program [SBP] was established in 1966 for the primary purpose of offering a morning meal to low-income children who would otherwise have none. This blog, written in 2015, is not to mark any 'breakfast' occasion or 'week/day of ...' events but to place together a number of links to research that support a range of investigations. Some may be satisfied by simply clicking on a link and reading what appears on screen.

#Food and healthy eating in #school - new articles from the Education and Health journal plus links to research about food

The latest issue of the Education and Health journal has 3 articles from
Leila Harris, Glyn Owen, Tim Baker and Nicholas Shelley
about food and healthy eating in primary schools
PLUS get links to research about children and young people and food

SHEU food data: fruit vegetables 5-a-day young people children school surveys

SHEU food data: fruit, vegetables, 5-a-day, young people, children and school surveys 
Since 1977, SHEU has been talking to young people, about their health and wellbeing.
Results from the HRBQ are used by health and education authorities to inform their planning.
Over one million young people have responded to the HRBQ.

Should we be giving children choices about their health?

Dr Richard Winsley and colleagues, in the latest issue of Education and Health, describe the background to the child health Grand Challenge scheme at the University of Exeter. A summary of Judy Hargadon's lecture, on the work of the Children's Food Trust, is also included.
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Healthy Heroes: Improving Young Children's Lifestyles In Lancashire; an evaluation of a challenge based schools' programme

Philip Gilligan and Martin Manby's article, in the latest issue of the Education and Health journal, describe the background to and evaluation of the programme conculding that programmes like Healthy Heroes have the potential to play a key role in improving children’s lifestyles and in shaping investments in their healthy futures.
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#Food logos activate some brain regions in #children known to be associated with motivation

"Food logos, brain regions and motivation" - just one of over 50 new links in SHEU's research news about 11-16 year olds.
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What sort of story? Bullying, body image, or media studies?

I was contacted today by a journalist regarding a story about a young woman in the public eye who has had liposuction, and I was asked what I thought. This is based on my reply. I'm not going to link to the piece, for reasons that will become clear below.
We have some possibly relevant statistics:

Risk assessment

Why did I get into the field of health education? Lots of reasons, surely, but here is one.

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