Emotional Health and Well-Being

Mental health issues : improving awareness and attitudes of young people

In the recent issue of Education and Health, (2013, 31:1), there are a number of articles about mental health issues and young people. Contributors, from around the world, comment on a paper from Canada that evaluated a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues (Livingston et al., 2012). One of the commentators, Paula Lavis, writes that, "The stigma associated with mental health can have a profound impact on young people.

Exam culture and suicidal behaviour among young people

Alastair Sharp is Deputy Director, Samaritans, Hong Kong and Associate Professor, Department of English, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Alastair, writing in the latest issue of Education and Health, describes the mounting evidence that examination and assessment pressures have caused a rise in mental health problems in some countries and that this may be a growing contributive factor in increasing suicidal behaviour among young people.
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What sort of story? Bullying, body image, or media studies?

I was contacted today by a journalist regarding a story about a young woman in the public eye who has had liposuction, and I was asked what I thought. This is based on my reply. I'm not going to link to the piece, for reasons that will become clear below.
We have some possibly relevant statistics:

Sources of information and support for young people

@ncbtweets conclude from their survey of 263 young people:

  • young people (are) more likely to turn to parents (62%) for health advice than internet (47%)
  • over a quarter (28%) of young people feel uncomfortable visiting GP over health issues


These very much fit in with our findings over many years, for example, from our 2010 figures:

Andrew Lansley's self-esteem

We are intrigued by the move of the office of Director of Public Health to local authorities, and note with approval comments from Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, who in his address to the UK Faculty of Public Health Conference in July, was anxious not to limit his view to narrow behavioural outcomes.  "It’s about building self-esteem," he said, and this is a topic that we have been interested in for a long while.  In our reports we have often shown links between self-esteem and both health behaviours and mental health*.  Although La

Trends - Emotional Health and Well-being (including Bullying)

Emotional Health & Well-being (including Bullying) 1983-2003

This report is to be updated and is currently not available for sale.

The following is a summary of the report written in 2004 by SHEU covering the period 1983-2003

When looking over the figures from twenty years, we find that young people in recent years are...

* less likely to keep problems to themselves, although around 25% of 14-15 year old males still keep family problems and problems with friends to themselves

Bereaved School Pupils

Social norms and SHEU surveys

SHEU has carried out lifestyle surveys with hundreds of thousands of young people for over 30 years and has explored the ideas around social norms. Alan Berkowitz has recently been promoting the idea that people's perceptions of social norms – that is, what you think other people are doing – are an important mechanism for enabling behavioural change.

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