Surveys - Why?

Why survey?



Why survey?

With reliable information from surveys, you can

  • listen to your community
  • plan effectively
  • monitor progress
  • show evidence for accountability
  • report back to your community


SHEU is an independent research unit that has been working with young people and with education and health professionals since 1977.  We have developed expertise through providing information and survey services to Public Health and Education Authorities across the UK.

SHEU are flexible:

  •  Flexible delivery - paper or online versions of the questionnaire
  •  Flexible content – off-the-shelf or customised questionnaires
  •  Light touch, single-topic or in-depth surveys – pupil perceptions or student lifestyles
  •  Surveys for different groups: Pupils & Students – Parents/Carers - Staff and Governors
  •  Questionnaires adapted for Special Educational Needs or English as an Additional Language
  •  Instant results from online survey or quick turn-around from paper survey
  •  Reports from schools, localities and local authorities for pupils or adults on paper or computer

SHEU are reliable:

  •  Child-friendly questionnaires
  •  Adaptable survey methods suit busy teachers
  •  SHEU staff have experience of teaching in primary & secondary schools, FE & university
  •  The leading provider of school survey services for over 30 years

SHEU are current:

  •  Data supports Healthy Schools Programmes
  •  Results provide evidence for the new OFSTED framework
  •  Local Authority figures for National Indicator monitoring
  •  Comparisons with schools/authorities like yours from around the country

SHEU are Cost effective:

  • Same-day estimates by phone or e-mail – a short ECM pupil perception survey done on paper with 100 pupils in a primary school might cost £100+VAT, while a ¾-hour lifestyle survey for 400 secondary pupils might cost less than £500 if done online. Discounts for volume. Prices are all-in: printing, postage, dataentry, checking and reporting.

"Just to say a huge thank you for all your efforts in helping us with the ... survey amongst pupils. It has provided us with significant data which will be used across the school to help us improve. It helped us to obtain a healthy schools standard as well. I hope we can make this an annual feature as we can track the changing health of our pupils." -- Headteacher

Our reputation has been gained by enabling local communities to understand the health and health-related behaviour of young people. This is achieved through a range of information, survey, evaluation and monitoring services which focus around the communities where young people live. Authorities use the information to deliver appropriate services and design interventions that support young people to take more care of their health.

"Findings from the recent survey show that schools, the local authority and its partners have made great strides over the last three years in:

  • reducing risky behaviour among teenagers
  • advising children and young people on how to stay safe online
  • tackling bullying
  • increasing the number of pupils living in care who intend to stay on in full time education
  • reducing alcohol consumption and
  • increasing the number of children and young people who report they enjoy most or all of their lessons at school." -- Local Authority