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Paula Lavis. 2013. How can we tackle stigma? - Commentary on the paper by Livingston et al, ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),41-44. PDF

Elisa J. Sobo. 2013. High physical activity levels in a Waldorf school reflect alternative developmental understandings. Education and Health 31(1),26-30. PDF

Barbara Richardson-Todd. 2013. Integrated working: School nursing in Suffolk. Education and Health 31(1),22-25. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths and Mike Sutton. 2013. Proposing the Crime Substitution Hypothesis: Exploring the possible causal relationship between excessive adolescent video game playing, social networking and crime reduction. Education and Health 31(1),17-21. PDF

Lynnette Nathalie Lyzwinski. 2013. An Examination of Obesity and Eating Disorder Prevention Programmes in Schools. Education and Health 31(1),12-16. PDF

Alastair Sharp. 2013. Exam culture and suicidal behaviour among young people. Education and Health 31(1),7-11. PDF

Adam Jones and Melanie Gadd. 2013. ‘Out in the Field’ : Developing guidance for community based sex and relationships education in Wales. Education and Health 31(1),3-6. PDF

David Regis. 2012. Food: Now and Then - Young People’s Atitudes to Healthy Eating. Education and Health 30(1),18-19. PDF

Daria J. Kuss and Mark D. Griffiths. 2012. Adolescent online gaming addiction. Education and Health 30(1),15-17. PDF

Louise E. Anusas. 2012. A New Approach to Tobacco Education using Interdisciplinary Learning. Education and Health 30(1),11-14. PDF

Rachel Locke and Gary Jones. 2012. Tackling underage drinking: Reflections on one local authority's response. Education and Health 30(1),6-10. PDF

Mark O’Brien. 2012. Schools-based health interventions: Mums and babies in the classroom and different responses from teachers and health workers. Education and Health 30(1),3-5. PDF

Wendy Wills. 2012. The food and eating practices of young people in Scotland and England: Commentary on the Food: Now and Then report. Education and Health 30(2),51-53. PDF

Annechen Bahr Bugge. 2012. Young Norwegians’ food choices, healthy eating and weight control: Commentary on the Food:Now and Then report. Education and Health 30(2),48-50. PDF

Triece Turnbull. 2012. Communicating about sexual matters within the family : Facilitators and barriers. Education and Health 30(2),40-47. PDF

Penney Upton, Charlotte Taylor and Dominic Upton. 2012. Exploring primary school teachers' experiences of implementing a healthy eating intervention. Education and Health 30(2),35-39. PDF

Johann Keogh, Louise Rummel, Grace Benson, Evelyn Hikuroa and Elizabeth Farrell. 2012. Health promoting schools in New Zealand: Belonging and empowerment in two primary schools. Education and Health 30(2),28-34. PDF

Natalie Collyer and Richard Essery. 2012. Commentary on the conception rates for under 16 year olds from 1969-2009. Education and Health 30(2),25-27. PDF

David Paton. 2012. Underage conceptions and abortions in England and Wales 1969-2009: the role of public policy. Education and Health 30(2),22-24. PDF

Tal-Chen Rabinowitch. 2012. Musical games and empathy. Education and Health 30(3),80-84. PDF

Paula Booth, Bianca Taylor and Caroline Edmonds. 2012. Water supplementation improves visual attention and fine motor skills in schoolchildren. Education and Health 30(3),75-79. PDF

Katja Joronen, Häkämies Annukka and Åstedt-Kurki Päivi. 2012. School-based drama, health and wellbeing: Challenges to studying its effectiveness. Education and Health 30(3),71-74. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths, Daniel L. King and Paul H. Delfabbro. 2012. Simulated gambling in video gaming: What are the implications for adolescents? Education and Health 30(3),68-70. PDF

Lisa Artis. 2012. The Sleep Council’s teaching resource: 'Better Brains with More Sleep'. Education and Health 30(3),66-67. PDF

Jane Ansell. 2012. Sound Sleep: raising awareness in schools of the importance of sleep for our emotional and physical wellbeing. Education and Health 30(3),64-65. PDF