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Savage,M 2007. National 'Health Colleges' Conference Report: Executive Summary,. Education and Health 25(2),28-29. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Birch,K Marshall,J 2008. National Healthy College Network Conference Report,. Education and Health 26(2),36-37. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Emmerson,L 2008. National Mapping Survey of On-site Sexual Health Services in Education Settings: Provision in FE and sixth-form colleges. Education and Health 26(4). PDF

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Storey,K 2007. New College Swindon: Development of the Confide Clinic, . Education and Health 25(4),77-80. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Storey,K 2007. New College Swindon: The Confide Clinic, . Education and Health 27(October),8. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Sutherland,L 1996. Nit combs: naturally the best?. Education and Health 14(4),57-59. PDF

Gunn,MJ 1986. No risk, no reward for the "forgotten many". Education and Health 4(5),112-113. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Balding,J 1994. Not GCSE but CCSE!: A new cross-curricular sex education pack, developed by teachers and pupils, with evaluation components and a method of overall monitoring. Education and Health 11(5),70-71. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Colwell,J O'Connor,T 2004. Nurture groups: Theoretical background and research on their effectiveness. The dramatic increase in numbers of nurture groups (helping children in infant and primary schools who exhibit emotional and behavioural difficulties) is itself an index of success, . Education and Health 22,224-27,. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Garner,G 1993. Oh, Dad-this is the best bit!. Education and Health 11(2),21-22. PDF

Keywords: Family, HRBQ

Emmett,D 1994. On drugs: It's not our problem any more. Education and Health 12(5),78-79. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Emmerson,L 2008. On-site sexual health services in further education are the norm,. Education and Health 26(1),10-11. PDF

Joan Wharf Higgins, PJ Naylor, Kai Bellows Riecken, Sandra Gibbons, Ryan Rhodes, Lauren Sulz and Heather McKay. 2014. One, Two, Three Strikes and You’re Out? Examining Youth Physical Activity in the Context of the Health Promoting Secondary Schools Model and Teacher Job Action. Education and Health 32(3),110-117. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2009. Online computer gaming: Advice for parents and teachers,. Education and Health 27(1),3-6. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Griffiths,MD de Freitas,S 2007. Online gaming and synthetic worlds as a medium for classroom teaching, . Education and Health 25(4),74-76. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Mark D. Griffiths, Rahim Benrazavi and Misha Teimouri, 2016. Parental mediation and adolescent screen time: A brief overview. Education and Health 34(3), 70-73. PDF

Prout,A Prendergast,S 1984. Parenthood: What pupils know and what they learn. Education and Health 2(3),57-61. PDF

Keywords: Parenthood, PSHE

Macfarlane,A 1997. Parents and teenagers- three dozen suggestions for having an easier ride. Education and Health 15(2),26-28. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, Family

Beavet,T 1996. Parents, schools and sex education. Education and Health 13(4),59-60. PDF

Judith Rodwell and Sarah Grogan. 2014. Parents’ Perspectives on the Good Childhood Report 2013:  A Qualitative Study. Education and Health 32(3),88-92. PDF

Keywords: Health, Parenthood

Sanders,A 2008. Participation work with young people to improve access to health services. Education and Health 26(3),60. PDF

Keywords: Health

Gaskin,T 2007. Peer Education: Development of the 'Norfolk Blurb' website for young people,. Education and Health 25(1),15-16. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Regis,D 1996. Peer tutoring seems to work - but why?. Education and Health 13(5),75-78. PDF

Hollins,P 1985. Personal relationships and self-esteem. Education and Health 3(3),56-59. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, PSHE, Secondary

Jones,M 2009. Personal, social, and health education in changing times; a view from Ofsted,. Education and Health 27(2),33-35. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Lord,K 2000. Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship: guidance from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Education and Health 18(2),27-29. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Angel,E Mathews,N 1985. Physiological measurement and health education. Education and Health 3(3),65-67. PDF

Babb,H Sparkes,A 1993. Pictures of Health. Education and Health 11(3),33-37. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Evans,Z 1992. Playtime: when the learning really starts. Education and Health 10(5),65-69. PDF

Keywords: Environment, Primary

Meretei,K 1985. Pre-school health education in Hungary. Education and Health 3(4),92-93. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Peers,I 1984. Preparation for Parenthood. Education and Health 2(3),48-56. PDF

Keywords: Family

Troth,D 1984. Preparation for parenthood: a masculine view. Education and Health 2(3),63-65. PDF

Keywords: Parenthood, PSHE

Doyle,S 1989. Preparing for bereavement: a primary school topic. Education and Health 7(4),76-80. PDF

Keywords: Bereavement, Primary

Ray,M Ferguson,M 1984. Preparing for growing up. Education and Health 2(4),83-87. PDF

Harris,B 1997. Preparing for the GCSE: doing justice to themselves.
The author was not prepared for the extent to which non-academic issues intruded into the pupils' lives. Education and Health 15(1),6-8. PDF

Joanne Trigwell, Ciara McGee, Helen Casstles, Rebecca Murphy, Lorna Porcellato, Michael Ussher and Lawrence Foweather. 2014. Preventing smoking among nine to ten-year-old children using a novel school-based physical activity intervention: Overview of SmokeFree Sports. Education and Health 32(3),93-102. PDF

Balding,J 1996. Primary children are active, stay up late and get on with Mum and Dad. Education and Health 14(5),72-75. PDF

Baxter,C Savage,M 1989. Primary school drugs education in Wigan. Education and Health 7(3),65-66. PDF

Keywords: Drugs, Primary

Mohammad Al-Motlaq and Kenneth Sellick. 2013. Primary school teachers’ asthma knowledge and confidence in managing children with asthma. Education and Health 31(2),53-58. PDF

Whyte,S 2008. Priorities for Healthy Colleges. Education and Health 28(October),17. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Reid,B 1988. Promoting 'sex education' in primary school. Education and Health 6(2),43-46. PDF

Keywords: Primary, Sex Education

Johnston,J 1996. Promoting a whole- school approach to bullying. Education and Health 14(4),49-52. PDF

Keywords: Bullying, Counselling

Coleman,L 2002. Promoting consistent condom use among young people: comparing intentions with reported behaviour. An in-depth study suggests ways in which teachers and youth workers may be able to increase the consistency of condom use among young people, . Education and Health 20(1),5-11. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Balding,J 1988. Promoting health education in groups of schools. Education and Health 6(1),10-14. PDF

Keywords: Health Promotion, HRBQ

Mark D. Griffiths and Mike Sutton. 2013. Proposing the Crime Substitution Hypothesis: Exploring the possible causal relationship between excessive adolescent video game playing, social networking and crime reduction. Education and Health 31(1),17-21. PDF

Sutton,M 2009. Providing healthy, safe learning environments should be on the agenda for all FE colleges,. Education and Health 27(3),73. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Emerson,H 2008. PSHE at Dorothy Stringer School,. Education and Health 26(2),40. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Melonie Syrett. 2014. PSHE teaching in primary schools : The past, present and the future. Education and Health 32(2),73-77. PDF



Keywords: Primary, PSHE

David Regis. 2015. Pupil voice : young people tell us about their health and wellbeing. Education and Health 33(2),43-46. PDF

Balding,A 2001. Pupils get 'Fit to Succeed' - A pilot project in the Westcountry found that not only could regular exercise be promoted but also found links with academic performance.. Education and Health 19(1),17-19. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Rose,M Sharp,A Marlow,C 1990. Pupils learn to be 'smoking educators'. Education and Health 8(5),65-69. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Lewis,C 2003. Raising academic standards : Are initiatives aimed at boys detrimental to girls. Education and Health 21(4),64-67. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Roberts,C 2008. Raising the particating age. Education and Health 28(October),15. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Fran Longstaff, Nick Heather, Mark Jankowski, Susan Allsop, Helen Wareham, Sarah Partington, Elizabeth Partington and Alan St Clair Gibson. 2014. Readiness to change drinking behaviour among heavy-drinking university students in England. Education and Health 32(2),60-65. PDF

Neralie Cain. 2012. Ready, willing, and able? Sleep hygiene education, motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia in an Australian high school setting. Education and Health 30(3),60-63. PDF

Sheu, 2016. Recent additions to the research resource. Education and Health 34(4), 111. PDF

Noble,C 1993. Recruiting the young smoker. Education and Health 11(1),5. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Pobi,S 2008. Reducing salt intake in young parents and their children,. Education and Health 26(1),17. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Feest,G 2004. Reflections on 10 years as an Adviser for PSHE,. Education and Health 22(3),44-45. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Wheelock,V 2010. Reflections on school meals legislation. Education and Health 28(4),77-78. PDF

Keywords: Food, food

Ingleby,D Watters,C 2002. Refugee children at school: good practices in mental health and social care. School has healing possibilities for refugee children and successful approaches from The Netherlands are to be tried out in British schools,. Education and Health 20(3),43-45. PDF

Keywords: Refugees

Lloyd-Jones,R 2007. Regent College - Healthy College Standards, . Education and Health 27(October),15. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Emma L Davies and Fiona A I Matley, 2017. Research on school-based interventions needs more input from teachers. Education and Health 35(3), 60-62. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Kordich Hall,D Pearson,J 2005. Resilience - giving children the skills to bounce back. Training Early Childhood Educators in Canada to model resilient thinking behaviours in childcare settings has had a positive impact on the teachers, the centres and the children in their care,. Education and Health 23(1),2-15. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Paula Lavis. 2014. Resilience and Results: How Promoting Children’s Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Helps Improve Attainment. Education and Health 32(1),30-34. PDF

Richardson,J 1983. Road safety. Education and Health 1(4),55. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Spear,M 1987. Road safety coverage in primary and middle schools. Education and Health 5(5),101-106. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Hollins,P 1991. Road safety education is health education!. Education and Health 9(1),7-9. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Hollins,P 1989. Road safety: the vital but neglected subject. Education and Health 7(2),43-46. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Gimber,P 1983. Road Safety: worthy but dull?. Education and Health 1(4),57-59,62. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Charny,M 1983. Rubella immunisation: the medical view. Education and Health 1(3),33-34,45-47. PDF

Pye,T 1994. Safe as houses? A sniff of danger for 3,000 primary pupils: a broad-based safety curriculum. Education and Health 12(2),21-25. PDF

Keywords: Primary, Safety

Gimber,P 2000. Safer journeys to school and school travel plans: Devon addresses the issues. Education and Health 18(4),71-74. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Hollins,P 1994. Safer school journeys: a 'self-help' approach: Schools help to put road safety 'on the map' for the community. Education and Health 12(1),1-5. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Schmidt,T 2007. Samaritans: Young People, emotional wellbeing and the DEAL resource,. Education and Health 25(2),38-39. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Ridout,F 2007. Saving Faces: School health education studies which explore the impact of facts and images about facial damage,. Education and Health 25(1),17-18. PDF

Keywords: Health

Regis,D 1996. Saving the environment: switch off or turn-off?. Education and Health 14(5),65-71. PDF

Keywords: Environment

SHEU 2003. School dinners, unhealthy diets and changing eating habits. Pupils are still eating unhealthily despite the introduction of nutritional standards for school dinners and a choice of foods at lunchtime, and, most were aware that what they eat and drink when young matters, but this wasn't always reflected in their eating habits.. Education and Health 21(1),20. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Henderson,M West,P Raab,G 2005. School effects on health behavoiurs. Education and Health 23(4),57-59. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Hovey,A 1987. School governors and health education. Education and Health 5(4),90-94. PDF

Lucas,B 1992. School grounds can seriously damage your health!. Education and Health 10(5),70-72. PDF

Keywords: Environment

McBride,N Farringdon,F 2004. School Health and Alcohol Harm Reduction Project. Changing 13-16 year old students' alcohol-related behaviours by providing three phases of alcohol harm reduction lessons during secondary school in Western Australia,. Education and Health 22(2),19-23,. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Soultatou,P 2007. School Health Education in Greek Secondary Schools: Searching for a place in the National Curriculum, . Education and Health 25(4),63-69. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Editorial. 2012. School management of students with a lack of sleep. Education and Health 30(3),56. PDF

Keywords: Health, PRI/SEC

Day,R Kinsella,M 1988. School meals: education for guided choice. Education and Health 6(1),15-19. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Linda Cregan. 2015. School meals: the need to evaluate the impact of the investment in universal free school meals for infants. Education and Health 33(4),105-107. PDF

Keywords: Food, Primary

Guild,AJ 1989. School nurses - response to Fletcher & Shelley. Education and Health 7(3),69-70. PDF

Fletcher,K Shelley,C 1988. School nurses and the health curriculum. Education and Health 6(4),76-82. PDF

Bagnall,P 1997. School nurses are a soft touch for cuts: fighting the assumption that 'no evidence means no benefit'. Education and Health 15(2),29-31. PDF

Fletcher,K 1991. School nurses do it in schools!. Education and Health 9(5),74-75. PDF

David Regis. 2016. School nurses still do it in schools! Education and Health 34(1),21-22.  PDF

Keywords: School Nurse, Secondary

Watters,M 1999. School nurses: sharing the health education workload. Education and Health 16(5),71-75. PDF

Keywords: School Nurse

Katja Joronen, Häkämies Annukka and Åstedt-Kurki Päivi. 2012. School-based drama, health and wellbeing: Challenges to studying its effectiveness. Education and Health 30(3),71-74. PDF

Keywords: Drama, Primary

Andrena Waghorn. 2012. School-based intervention supporting pupils affected by trauma, bereavement and loss: STAGES (Support, Trauma and Grief – Enabling Schools). Education and Health 30(4),99-102. PDF

Mark O’Brien. 2012. Schools-based health interventions: Mums and babies in the classroom and different responses from teachers and health workers. Education and Health 30(1),3-5. PDF

Bentley,D 1984. Science teaching and health education: the challenge accepted!. Education and Health 2(4),78-82. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Balding,J 1996. Scraping off the Tipp-Ex: We must resist pressures to include questions that are not appropriate to ask young people. Education and Health 14(2),22-26. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Secondary

Griffiths,M 1995. Scratch-card gambling: a potential addiction?. Education and Health 13(2),17-20. PDF

Keywords: Gambling