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Harrow,P 2010. Healthy FE : Barnsley College,. Education and Health 28(1),18-19. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Philip Gilligan and Martin Manby with Debra Gibson and Alison Hodgkinson. 2012. Healthy Heroes: Improving young children's lifestyles in Lancashire; an evaluation of a challenge based schools' programme. Education and Health 30(4),87-94. PDF

Harris,L 2006. Healthy Lifestyles, Changing Lives. Education and Health 24(4),51. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Leila Harris. 2013. Healthy lifestyles: ‘Styling a healthier life’. Education and Health 31(2),65-66. PDF


Keywords: Health Education

Leila Harris. 2014. Healthy Schools London: A School’s Case Study. Education and Health 32(2),66-68. PDF

Hamon,J 2011. Healthy Schools Plus - 'Food Factor'. Education and Health 29(1),11-15. PDF

Keywords: Food, food

Kearney,J 2009. Healthy Schools Pupil panel - voices for change,. Education and Health 27(4),83-84. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Williams,T 1983. HEC Health Education in Initial Teacher Education. Education and Health 1(4),49-50,66-67. PDF

Keywords: Teacher Training

Balding,J 1984. HEC Primary Health Topics Project A 'primary health topics' parents' evening. Education and Health 2(2),40-42. PDF

Keywords: Just a Tick, Parenthood

Milton,J 2004. Helping primary school children manage loss and grief: Ways the classroom teacher can help. Examples are given from classroom plans and literature that support loss and grief education and enable children to develop a life skill that will allow them to better manage loss when confronted by it,. Education and Health 22(4),58-60. PDF

Keywords: Bereavement

Elisa J. Sobo. 2013. High physical activity levels in a Waldorf school reflect alternative developmental understandings. Education and Health 31(1),26-30. PDF

Bagnall,G Lockerbie,L 1995. HIV/AIDS education: Are senior pupils losing out?. Education and Health 13(3),37-42. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Young,J Phillips,K 1993. HIV/AIDS: sharing the voice of young people. Education and Health 11(5),65-69. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Amanda McCloat and Martin Caraher, 2016. Home Economics as a food education intervention: lessons from the Irish secondary education context. Education and Health 34(4), 104-110. PDF

Keywords: Diet, Education, Food, Secondary

O'Higgins-Norman,J 2010. Homophobic Bullying in Irish Education,. Education and Health 28(1),9-10. PDF

Keywords: Bullying, Sex Education

Clark,J Baluch,B 1997. Hospital education: effective or disruptive?: A pioneering study uncovers mixed attitudes towards children's schooling while in hospital. Education and Health 15(3),33-36. PDF

Keywords: Education, Health

Allison Ford, Crawford Moodie, Anne Marie MacKintosh and Gerard Hastings. 2013. How adolescents perceive cigarette packaging and possible benefits of plain packaging. Education and Health 31(2),83-88. PDF


Keywords: Adolescence, Smoking

Paula Lavis. 2013. How can we tackle stigma? - Commentary on the paper by Livingston et al, ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),41-44. PDF

Balding,A 2001. How can you track individual pupils anonymously? Using the HRBQ in year groups spaced two years apart. Education and Health 19(2),39. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Balding,J 1990. How clean are your kids?. Education and Health 8(3),42-43. PDF

Keywords: Health, HRBQ

Tania Hart, 2017. How do teenage school children, experiencing significant emotional mental health difficulties, perceive they can be better supported at school? Education and Health 35(2), 26-30. PDF

Leaman,L 2005. How Parents and Teachers can help youngsters with challenging behaviour.. Education and Health 23(4),54. PDF

Keywords: PSHE


Keywords: Emotional Health

Pridham,P 2008. How to Drug Proof Your Kids,. Education and Health 26(2),27. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Baylis,N 2007. How to help your life go well: Cambridge University one-day workshops,. Education and Health 25(2),30. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Foot,G 1991. How typical is your school?. Education and Health 9(3),36-39. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Balding,JW Bish,D 1992. How we do it... alcohol education in 48 schools. Education and Health 10(1),1-8. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Kennedy,S 1990. How we ran the AIDS game. Education and Health 8(3),35-36. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Gehring,A Donaldson,C 2008. HPV vaccination: why education is the key to ensuring it is a public health success. Education and Health 26(4)77-79. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Balding,JW 2003. HRBQ - providing baseline data. Education and Health 20(4),71. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Dawes,L 2001. ICT and Health Education: the use of ICT has much to offer to the teaching and learning of PSHE. Education and Health 19(2),31-33. PDF

Balding,J 2005. If I knew then...over 25 years of schools, health and education. July 2005 sees the retirement of the founder of the Schools Health Education Unit who looks back to research developments that continue to provide a greater understanding of young people's health-related behaviour,. Education and Health 23(2),29-32. PDF

Keywords: SHEU

Castledine,H 2009. If young people 'get it on' can we lower the teenage conception rate?. Education and Health 27(1),16-18. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Paul Yau-ho Wong, Doris Pui-wah Cheng and Edith Yuk-lan Leung, 2016. Implementing Smoking Prevention Education in Early Childhood: Views from Parents and Early Childhood Educators. Education and Health 34(3), 65-69. PDF

Keywords: Drugs, Smoking

Dunne,M O'Neill,M Friel,M 2009. Improving Emotional Health and Wellbeing through peer support - A programme in the Western Health and Social Care Trust is helping young people become peer educators,. Education and Health 27(1),18-19. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Taylor,W 1985. Improving food choices: the Surrey initiative. Education and Health 3(5),105-107. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Sarah James. 2015. Improving pupils' health in Central Bedfordshire. Education and Health 33(1),20-24. PDF


Keywords: Health, HRBQ, Primary, Secondary

O'Keeffe,J 2007. INFO outreach: Schools are an important setting for health promotion enabling young people to access support and advice on a range of health issues,. Education and Health 25(3),75-76. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Davis,N 1990. Information Technology: a way into health education. Education and Health 8(4),59-61. PDF

Milstead,K 2007. Innovative sexual health artwork,. Education and Health 25(1),20. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Griffiths,M 1997. Instant- win promotions: part of the 'gambling' environment?. Education and Health 15(4),62-63. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Barbara Richardson-Todd. 2013. Integrated working: School nursing in Suffolk. Education and Health 31(1),22-25. PDF

Keywords: Health, School Nurse

Regis,D 1995. Internet: Go ask Alice. Education and Health 13(1),11. PDF

Michelle Bell and Wayne Usher. 2013. Interpreting the mental health crisis in Australia’s Gold Coast primary schools. Education and Health 31(2),77-82. PDF


Shelly,CA 1990. Introducing the Mini-Q. Education and Health 8(1),8-9. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Primary

Williams,G 1993. Introducing the Professional Development of Teachers Project. Education and Health 11(3),38-42. PDF

Keywords: Teacher Training

Tina Rae, 2016. Introducing the topic of self-harm in schools – developing an educational and preventative support intervention. Education and Health 34(2), 35-41.  PDF

Bonavia,A Fenech,FM 2006. Investigating the extent of substance use by 14 - 16 year old students on the school premises in Malta. Education and Health 24(3),46-48. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Darke,S 2008. Investing in the health and welfare of college staff and students. Education and Health 28(October),4. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

O'Donnell,C 1998. Invisible hands: child employment in the UK. Education and Health 16(2),25-26. PDF

Keywords: Employment

Regis,D 1990. Is health education hooked on addiction?. Education and Health 8(4),49-51. PDF

Regis,D 1996. Is it ever right to break the law?. Education and Health 14(2),27-30. PDF

Kaiser Family Foundation 2006. It

Keywords: Diet, food, Gambling

Jones,M 1992. It pays to use peer leaders!. Education and Health 10(4),49-54. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Kaiser Family Foundation, 2006. It’s Child’s Play: Advergaming and the Online Marketing of Food to Children. Education and Health 24(3),44-45. PDF

Keywords: Diet, Gambling

Regis,D 1998. Jobs for the boys and jobs for the girls. Education and Health 16(1),12-14. PDF

SHEU. 2015. John Balding 1935-2015. Education and Health 33(1),3-5. PDF


Keywords: HRBQ, SHEU

Thompson,L 2001. Joining the Healthy School Scheme: A NHSS pilot school reflects on how the HRBQ provided a focus.. Education and Health 19(1),7-8. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools, HRBQ

Amanda Mason-Jones, 2017. Keeping girls at school may reduce teenage pregnancy and STIs – but sex education doesn't. Education and Health 35(1), 11-12. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Birch,K 2006. Kirklees Healthy College Standard. Education and Health 24(4),52. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Mawer,C 1995. Knowledge and perceptions of local contraceptive services. Education and Health 13(2),28-30. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Balding,J 1996. Last Orders: the first step towards an effective alcohol programme?. Education and Health 14(4),60-63. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Askew,S 2003. Learning Promotes Health. It is argued that an approach to learning - where learners construct meaning and understanding from reflecting on their experiences and dialogue with others - is intrinsically health promoting,. Education and Health 21(4),68-71. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Theakston,J 2010. Leeds College of Building: promoting health with young men,. Education and Health 28(2),33-34. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Seldon,A 2006. Lessons in life: Why I'm teaching happiness. Education and Health 24(2),19-20. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Balding,J 1986. Levels of 'vigorous physical activity' among pupils. Education and Health 4(2),43-45. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Physical Activity

Simmons,C 1985. Life at 15. Education and Health 3(3),52-54. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, PSHE

Johnson,F 1995. Life Education: a positive impact. Education and Health 13(1),1-4. PDF

Keywords: Drugs, PSHE

Balding,JW 1993. Lifestyles: 200 pupils in your computer. Education and Health 11(1),6-8. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Wiltshire,K 2008. Lime and their alcohol education resources,. Education and Health 26(1),20. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Plunkett,B 2008. Lincoln College

Plunkett,B 2008. Lincoln College's Chlamydia screening day,. Education and Health 26(1),14-15. PDF

Plunkett,B 2010. Lincoln College: promoting health with young men,. Education and Health 28(2),32-33. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Liverpool ‘health mates’
Education and Health 24(2),29

Keywords: Diet, Physical Activity

Ridgers,ND Startton,G Curley,J White,G 2005. Liverpool Sporting Playgrounds Project. Education and Health 23(4),51-53. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Halstead,M Waite,S 2003. Love and Trust': making space for feelings in sex education. Should sex education in primary schools pay more attention to children's developing emotional and spiritual understanding? The paper explores the sexual attitudes and values of 9 and 10 year-olds, and the connections between spiritual, emotional and sexual development, . Education and Health 21(2),23-28. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Waite,S Halstead,M 2003. Love and Trust': making space for feelings in sex education. Should sex education in primary schools pay more attention to children's developing emotional and spiritual understanding? The paper explores the sexual attitudes and values of 9 and 10 year-olds, and the connections between spiritual, emotional and sexual development,. Education and Health 21(2),23-28. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Travers,P 1985. Lung function and smoking - see for yourself!. Education and Health 3(1),4-7. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Debra Rickwood. 2013. Make it personal: Commentary on the paper by Livingston et al., ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),36-40. PDF

Code,T 1990. Mapping health education topics in the NC. Education and Health 8(5),70-72. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Balding,J 1986. Match or mismatch?. Education and Health 4(4),89-94. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Physical Activity

Balding,J 1984. Mayfly - data from 1,237 14 year olds. Education and Health 2(5),104-109. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Leary,JM Adams,D Gaines,SK Wold,JL Mink,M 2008. Measurement of activity preferences of preschoolers and caregivers,. Education and Health 26(4),67-69. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Jennie Aronsson, Sue Waite and Maria Tighe Clark. 2015. Measuring the impact of outdoor learning on the physical activity of school age children: The use of accelerometry. Education and Health 33(3),57-62.  PDF


Griffiths,MD 2010. Media and advertising influences on adolescent risk behaviour. Education and Health 28(1),2-5. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Rogers,B 1996. Mediation has certainly worked for us - Highfield has become a better place. Education and Health 14(1),1-4. PDF

Keywords: Bullying, Counselling

HoughK 1998. Meet the school nurse who is always on site: An integral member of the school staff. Education and Health 16(2),31. PDF

Leatherbarrow,B 1985. Mental Health Education and the curriculum. Education and Health 3(1),18-21. PDF

Birch,K 2007. Mental Health in Colleges, special edition, . Education and Health 27(October),11-12. PDF

Teacher Support Network 2008. Mental health problems: supporting school staff. Education and Health 26(3),57. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Hiller,A 2005. Mental health: fun on their minds. Education and Health 23(4),56. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Neil Morris and Niall D. Galbraith 2011. Mild hypoglycaemia and educational performance. Education and Health 29(2),28-31. PDF

Keywords: Education

Claire Kelly, 2017. Mindfulness in Schools Project. Education and Health 35(2), 36-38. PDF

Lloyd,J 1988. Mixed messages. Education and Health 6(4),92-93. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Cass,Y Price,P 2006. Moorefit - increasing physical activity in adolescent girls using the Health Promoting Schools framework. Education and Health 24(1),3-7. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2009. Moral reasoning development and classroom discipline,. Education and Health 27(1),9-12. PDF

Keywords: Moral Education

Balding,J Regis,D 1996. More alcohol down fewer throats?. Education and Health 13(4),61-63. PDF

Simon B Cooper and Daniela Simson, 2017. Move more, Learn more? Exercise and Cognitive Function in Adolescents. Education and Health 35(3), 53-55. PDF

Tal-Chen Rabinowitch. 2012. Musical games and empathy. Education and Health 30(3),80-84. PDF

Maunder,Y 2004. My day as a school nurse, . Education and Health 22(1),8-10. PDF

Keywords: School Nurse