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Mark D. Griffiths and Daria J. Kuss 2011. Adolescent social networking: Should parents and teachers be worried?. Education and Health 29(2),23-25. PDF

Mark D. Griffiths. 2014. Adolescent trolling in online environments: A brief overview. Education and Health 32(3),85-87. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2010. Age ratings on video games: Are they effective?. Education and Health 28(4),65-68. PDF

Clift,S Stears,D 1991. AIDS education in secondary schools. Education and Health 9(2),23-26. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Clift,S 1987. AIDS education strategies for young people. Education and Health 5(5),108-111. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Cook,D Campion,J Duffy,J 2005. Airedale Back Care for Children (ABC) Programme. Research has shown that found 50% of children would experience low back pain by the age of 14 and poor lifestyle practices and postures in childhood can lead to spinal problems in adults. The ABC initiative now equips and empowers children from 6 - 12 years old to change their lifestyle and also enhances schools' PSHE programme,. Education and Health 23(3),40. PDF

Keywords: Health, PSHE

Harrison,L Means,R 1986. Alcohol education in South West England. Education and Health 4(3),65-68. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Zachary,L 2008. All salted?' Reducing salt intake in young parents and their children - Project summary. Education and Health 26(4)80. PDF

Keywords: Food

Maskell,PA 1990. An 'alcohol policy' for a secondary school. Education and Health 8(3),37-39. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Jones,L 1991. An 'Interactive Health Education Centre' for 9-11s. Education and Health 9(3),40-41. PDF

Harrison,P 2000. An Advisory Teacher in 'Slug' Education: Promoting drug education in Oxfordshire primary schools. Education and Health 18(2),30-35. PDF

Keywords: Drugs, PSHE

Thomas,G 1990. An AIDS game to simulate and stimulate. Education and Health 8(3),33-34. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Chiles,M 1989. An alcohol-free bar for young people. Education and Health 7(3),68-69. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

McInnes,A Blackwell,D 2010. An analysis of the drinking trends of school age children in Sunderland,. Education and Health 28(2),23-26. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Paul Gately, Claire Curtis and Rachel Hardaker. 2013. An evaluation in UK schools of a classroom-based physical activity programme - TAKE 10! ®: A qualitative analysis of the teachers' perspective. Education and Health 31(4),72-78. PDF

Lynnette Nathalie Lyzwinski. 2013. An Examination of Obesity and Eating Disorder Prevention Programmes in Schools. Education and Health 31(1),12-16. PDF

Keywords: Diet, Food, Health Education

Sully,L Conrod,P 2006. An innovative approach to the prevention of substance misuse, emotional problems and risky behaviour in adolescents. Education and Health 24(3),39-41. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Yarham,C 1988. An involvement model. Education and Health 6(4),93-94. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Icheku,V 2005. Application of self-directed learning in health and social care education. Education and Health 23(2),21-24. PDF

Keywords: Education

Balding,JW 1999. Are fewer young people trying drugs?. Education and Health 16(5),65-68. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Buckley,S Gillies,P 1987. Are school meals associated with smoking?. Education and Health 5(5),115-118. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food, HRBQ, Smoking

Larouche, R (2011). Are today's children fit and active? Education and Health 29(2),32-35. PDF


Richard Larouche 2011. Are today's children fit and active?. Education and Health 29(2),32-35. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Griffiths,M 1997. Are virtual pets more demanding than the real thing?: 'Bereavement' counselling and Tamagotchi. Education and Health 15(3),37-38. PDF

Regis,D 1998. Are you in control of your own health?: Different attitudes to 'fate' could affect the success of health messages. Education and Health 16(4),57-59. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

O'Sullivan,M etal 2005. Aspects of Childhood Obesity in an Irish region: 'Our children...their future...why weight?' Four studies highlight the concern of parents and teachers about some negative aspects of home and school life that contribute towards child and teenage obesity,. Education and Health 23(3),41-43. PDF

Keywords: Diet

Meek,G 1998. Asthma excuse notes: for the child or the PE Teacher?. Education and Health 16(1),5-8. PDF

Coleman,H Finlay,FO Gregson,RK Warner,JO 1995. Asthma management in Southampton schools. Education and Health 13(1),12-14. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Lee,J 1994. Asthma medication: What about the 70% who forget?. Education and Health 12(3),33-36. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Cruickshank,R Regis,D 2005. Attitudes towards breastfeeding among young people in Wigan. The group least positive were the older females and this must be an unhappy trend for those who want to promote breastfeeding. Rather than blandly recommending more work in schools, we would prefer to urge people to examine the barriers to including breastfeeding promotion work in school and other settings,. Education and Health 23(3),35-36. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Regis,D Cruickshank,R 2005. Attitudes towards breastfeeding in Wigan. The group least positive were the older females and this must be an unhappy trend for those who want to promote breastfeeding. Rather than blandly recommending more work in schools, we would prefer to urge people to examine the barriers to including breastfeeding promotion work in school and other settings,. Education and Health 23(3),35-36. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

OFSTED 2002. Bare facts of life are not enough. Education and Health 20(2),38-39. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Davies,J 1986. Being healthy: what do you think?. Education and Health 4(4),77-81. PDF

Ward,B Peacey,B Foster,S 1983. Bereavement and the teacher. Education and Health 1(6),93-94,109-111. PDF

Oates,T 2008. Bexley schools success: 100% achieve National Healthy School Status,. Education and Health 26(2),30. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Muirden,J 1996. Biting the elephant: A report on 'Bridging The Gap' a meeting for school staff and health care professionals. Education and Health 14(4),53-56. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Ormson,S 2008. Blackpool Sixth Form College uses peer-peer support. Education and Health 28(October),12. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Morris,N 2007. Blood glucose level and the consolidation of learning,. Education and Health 25(3),71-74. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Joyce,R 2005. Blueprint National Drug Education Research Programme: an update. The Blueprint Drug Education Research Programme was set up to ensure that future drug education policy was based on tested and tried evidence developed in England. The full results are due in 2007, but there are interim findings that will be shared as Blueprint progresses,. Education and Health 23(2),19-20. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Marshall,J 2007. Bradford College - A Healthy College, . Education and Health 27(October),16. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Nash,J 1987. Bring drugs education into the curriculum!. Education and Health 5(2),28-31. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Alison Leah Williams, Sarah Grogan, Emily Buckley and David Clark-Carter. 2013. British adolescents’ experiences of an appearance-focussed facial-ageing sun protection intervention: a qualitative study. Education and Health 31(4),97-101. PDF

Alisa Stanton, Vitaliy Chernenko, Rosie Dhaliwal, Merv Gilbert, Elliot M. Goldner, Carolyn Harrison, Wayne Jones and Martin Mroz. 2013. Building healthy campus communities: The adaptation of a workplace tool to understand better student wellbeing within higher education settings. Education and Health 31(3),84-90. PDF

Sue Astin, 2016. Building resilience – improving pupil’s emotional health and wellbeing through the Enhanced Healthy Schools model. Education and Health 34(2), 31-34. PDF

Griffiths,M Perkins,G 1996. Bullies, victims and the code of silence: 'Almost four in every five children reported being bullied to some degree'. Education and Health 14(2),17-21. PDF

Keywords: Bullying

Pratt,J 2011. Cambridgeshire schools are looking to the future. Education and Health 29(1),3-5. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Charlotte Taylor, Penney Upton and Dominic Upton. 2013. Can a school-based intervention increase fruit and vegetable consumption for children with Autism? Education and Health 31(3),95-98. PDF

Keywords: Food, Primary

Bagnall,G 1989. Can alcohol education make a difference?. Education and Health 7(3),52-56. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Foxcroft,D Lowe,G 1993. Can families be bad for your health?. Education and Health 11(1),1-5. PDF

Feest,G 2000. Can schools afford not to have a counsellor?
The money spent on each school counsellor is certainly going to save the system from having to deal with one more long-term drug addict, or one more prison sentence. Education and Health 18(1),3-5. PDF

Keywords: Counselling, PSHE

Peretti-Watel,P 2005. Cannabis-related beliefs and behaviour among French adolescents: school based prevention may boomerang#. Education and Health 23(4),62-63. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Balding,J Regis,D 1998. Cannabis; getting safer as the years go by? 10% of year 10 boys have probably used an illegal drug during the previous week. Education and Health 16(1),1-4. PDF

Armstrong,N 1986. Cardio-respiratory fitness: the role of the PE sector. Education and Health 4(2),29-32. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Balding,J Shelley,C 1989. Catchment area and health related behaviour. Education and Health 7(1),17-22. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Sociology

Brown,T 1992. CG5: The good, the bad, and the guidance. Education and Health 10(1),11-13. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Bullen,K 2004. Changing Children's Food and Health Concepts: A Challenge for Nutrition Education. This study suggests that children's food classification concepts remain resistant to change despite enhanced exposure to nutrition information,. Education and Health 22(4),51-55. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Tim Baker and Nicholas Shelley. 2013. Charlton Manor’s Food Journey. Education and Health 31(4),90-92. PDF

Keywords: Food, Primary

Mark D. Griffiths. 2014. Child and adolescent social gaming: What are the issues of concern?. Education and Health 32(1),19-22. PDF

Griffiths,MD 2004. Children and the Internet Update - Issues for Parents and Teachers. Issues are highlighted to raise awareness about the exploitation of children and potential unsuitability of some material - everyone needs to be both educated about the Internet as well as being educational with the Internet,. Education and Health 22(2),32,. PDF

Griffiths,M 1998. Children and the Internet: issues for parents and teachers. Education and Health 16(1),9-10. PDF

Williams,JM Muldoon,J Lawrence,A 2010. Children and their pets: Exploring the relationships between ownership, attitudes, attachment and empathy,. Education and Health 28(3),12-15. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Armstrong,N 1989. Children are fit but not active!. Education and Health 7(2),28-32. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Neil Armstrong 2011. Children are still fit, but not active!. Education and Health 29(3),43-45. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

White,N 1986. Chips with everything? The pupils decide. Education and Health 4(5),107-111. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Wiles,R Austin,J 2007. City of Sunderland College positive practice, . Education and Health 25(3),77-78. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Booth,P 2008. Clinic-in-a-box: mobile service. Education and Health 28(October),11. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Booth,P 2008. Clinic-in-a-box: sexual health information and contraceptive supplies to young people,. Education and Health 26(2),31. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Rowe,E 1990. Co-ordinating the Suffolk approach - the role of the County Adviser. Education and Health 8(4),52-55. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Balding,J 1983. Co-ordination between schools: the role of the HEO. Education and Health 1(2),17-18,29-32. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Secondary

Piercy,H Haynes,G 2006. Coherent, Comprehensive and Continuous: Developing a curriculum for effective Sex and Relationship Education in an English primary school. Education and Health 24(1),12-15. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Birch,K 2010. Collaborative working between colleges and health in Kirklees,. Education and Health 28(2),27-29,. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Tomlinson,M Hepworth,D 2008. College Counselling - More to it than meets the eye?. Education and Health 26(3),55-56. PDF

Keywords: Counselling

Tomlinson,M Hepworth,D 2008. College counselling at Greenhead College. Education and Health 28(October),7. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Chell,P 2008. Colleges broadly in-support of a national healthy colleges programme,. Education and Health 26(1),19. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2007. Comics, Reading and Primary Aged Children,. Education and Health 25(4),70-73. PDF

Keywords: Education

Natalie Collyer and Richard Essery. 2012. Commentary on the conception rates for under 16 year olds from 1969-2009. Education and Health 30(2),25-27. PDF

Sosei Yamaguchi, Shahir Uddin, Yoshio Mino and Graham Thornicroft. 2013. Commentary on the paper by Livingston et al., ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),31-35. PDF

Luísa Campos. 2013. Commentary on the paper by Livingston et al., ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),45-50. PDF

Hampton,C 1984. Commercial curriculum development. Education and Health 2(6),133-135. PDF

Triece Turnbull. 2012. Communicating about sexual matters within the family : Facilitators and barriers. Education and Health 30(2),40-47. PDF

Keywords: Family, Sex Education

Griffiths,M 1994. Computer games: Harmless or addictive?. Education and Health 12(2),28-30. PDF

Measor,L 2009. Condom use and the missing discourse of desire: the view from the girls,. Education and Health 27(4),65-68. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Regis,D 1988. Conformity, consistency & control. Education and Health 6(1),4-9. PDF

Valpy,J 1983. Conversation - the 'True Weight' pack. Education and Health 1(2),22-25. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, Diet, food, Food

Whitfield,R 1984. Conversation - the DES Preparation for Parenthood report. Education and Health 2(3),52-56. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Hawkins,R 1983. Conversation - the role of the school in preparing pupils for personal loss. Education and Health 1(6),97-101. PDF

Regis,D 2001. Couch potatoes? Not us! - computer use is associated with a more affluent family background. Education and Health 19(2),37-38. PDF

Wood,DG 1989. Crossing the road: junior schools and mental handicap. Education and Health 7(1),4-7. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Code,T Redman,K 1986. Curriculum priorities: some views on alcohol, glue sniffing and pollution. Education and Health 4(1),12-17. PDF

Shaw,L 2010. Cut Films: challenging young people to make films to help discourage their peers from taking up smoking,. Education and Health 28(2),30-32. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

McGeorge,D 2006. Cyberbullying. Education and Health 24(3),48. PDF

Keywords: Bullying

Barnett,P 1996. D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Education and Health 13(4),56-58. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

Crocher,R Clements,M 1987. Dental health education: linking the disciplines. Education and Health 5(1),4-6. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health

McGarry,K Powell,M Low,A Unsworth,L 2007. Derwentside College Health Promotion Strategy: A whole college approach to promoting health,. Education and Health 25(1),3-5. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Elliott,H 1992. Developing a 'parental survival kit,14+'. Education and Health 10(5),73-78. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, Parenthood

David McGeorge. 2016. Developing a free research resource to support those concerned with the health and wellbeing of children and young people. Education and Health 34(1),9.  PDF

Smith,H Grogan,S Davey,R Cochrane,T 2009. Developing a Successful Physical Activity Intervention in Primary Schools,. Education and Health 27(3),67-70. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Colley,K van,den,Akker,O 1998. Developing a Year 9 safe-sun programme: Adolescents form a particularly high-risk group, in need of specific skin-protective information and advice. Education and Health 16(3),42-47. PDF

Harris,L 2008. Developing an interagency approach,. Education and Health 26(1),8-9. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Howieson,J 1993. Developing positive attitudes: a school's 'Health Year'. Education and Health 11(4),49-53. PDF

Keywords: Health Education