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James D. Livingston. 2013. Mass media campaigns as signals of social movements : Response to the commentaries on the paper, ‘Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues’. Education and Health 31(1),51-54. PDF

Lori Keough. 2014. Obesity and insurance status among students in a Job Corps vocational education and training programme. Education and Health 32(2),48-52. PDF

Edo Shonin, William Van Gordon, and Mark D. Griffiths. 2014.  Practical tips for teaching mindfulness to children and adolescents in school-based settings. Education and Health 32(2),69-72. PDF

Canvin,K 2008. "There is a person behind the flab!": Young people speak out about their weight problems. Education and Health 26(4)72-73. PDF

Keywords: Health

Stylianou,H 2010. 'A Practical Guide to Becoming a Healthy College'. Education and Health 28(4),75-76. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Wise,A 2000. 'Action at School' At Exmouth Community College: To reduce the amount of cars used by staff and students by 10%. Education and Health 18(4),67-69. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Bragg,P 1986. 'Compulsory' physical fitness: what students think. Education and Health 4(5),104-106. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Whitfield,G Wise,A 2000. 'Even though I don't want thanks, it's nice to get it.'
If you ask me if every school could do with a counsellor; then my answer is an emphatic Yes. Education and Health 18(1),6-8. PDF

Keywords: Counselling, PSHE

Balding,A 2011. 'Fit to Succeed' and academic achievement. Education and Health 29(1),6-7. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Balding,J 1989. 'Fitness freaks': a healthier lifestyle?. Education and Health 7(2),38-42. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Physical Activity

Jones,K Wriglesworth,A 2008. 'Inspire' Youth Work in Hospital Project offers support to young people admitted to Wrexham Maelor Hospital with self-harming behaviours. Education and Health 26(3),58-59. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Balding,J 1991. 'Into the Nineties' with 125,000 young people! Book I - Doctors and Dentists. Education and Health 9(4),60-63. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health, HRBQ

Balding,J Code,T 1990. 'Just a Tick' surveys: a voice for all in the curriculum. Education and Health 8(2),27-29. PDF

Keywords: Family, Just a Tick

Balding,J 1983. 'Lifeskills' and Health Education at Leeds. Education and Health 1(6),107-108. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Staden,T 1986. 'Measuring' health education: health-related topics in the GCE. Education and Health 4(3),52-56. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Hancocks,S 1987. 'Natural Nashers': teaching the teachers. Education and Health 5(1),7-8. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health

Adam Jones and Melanie Gadd. 2013. ‘Out in the Field’ : Developing guidance for community based sex and relationships education in Wales. Education and Health 31(1),3-6. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Maskell,P 1994. 'Period pains' in a mixed school: "Boys can make you feel that periods are something awful". Education and Health 12(1),6-9. PDF

Keywords: PSHE, Sex Education

Cater,S Coleman,L 2006. 'Planned' teenage pregnancy: Views and experiences of young people. Education and Health 24(3),35-38. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Jennifer Fane and Samantha Schulz. 2016. 'Re'-Learning health: Challenges in teaching health literacy and implications for the new national Australian HPE curriculum. Education and Health 34(1),10-14.  PDF


Campbell,T Beer,H Wilkins,R Parrett,N Jauslin,L 2009.
Education and Health    27(2),23-27
'Sex, love and one-night stands: getting the relationship you want': Evaluation of a sexual health workshop for HIV+ young people,

Keywords: Sex Education

Clinton,B 1998. 'Smoke-free Soccer' scores in the Humber region: The contradiction between trying to achieve their sporting potential and damaging their fitness by smoking is fully exposed. Education and Health 16(2),27-28. PDF

Gray,E Gammage,P 1988. 'Smoking and Me': a resource for teachers. Education and Health 6(3),58-60. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Nunn,J MacGregor,I 1995. 'Soft' drinks are hard on childrens teeth. Education and Health 13(3),34-36. PDF

Keywords: Dental Health, Diet, food

Combes,G Iqbal,S 1992. 'Special needs' health guidelines have pointers for all pupils. Education and Health 10(1),14-15. PDF

Keywords: Special Needs

Hallgarten,L 2010. 'Talk About Choice'. Education and Health 28(4),79-90. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Balding,J 1983. 'Tomorrow's drivers - the forgotten drivers'. Education and Health 1(4),60-61,65. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Road Safety

Balding,JF 2000. 'Travelwise' - from survey to classroom materials: Students are now involved in decision-making in their communities as a direct result of schools who use their own data, showing 'home-to-school' journeys, to examine safe alternatives to car travel. Education and Health 18(4),63-65. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Fakher-Eldin,N 1990. 'You 2': a sex education action plan for schools. Education and Health 8(5),74-77. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Balding,J 1995. 10 years of surveys of young smokers. Education and Health 13(1),5-10. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Smoking

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 1993. 13 objectives for American schools and their pupils in Healthy Schools 2000. Education and Health 11(1),14-15. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Barton,P 1991. 16-19 year olds get 'smokerlysed'. Education and Health 9(3),46-47. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Carruthers,P 1992. 4 or 5 children in every class.... Education and Health 10(4),59-62. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Balding,A Pascoe,T 2006. 6th Form and FE Healthy Colleges. Education and Health 24(4),53-54. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Catt,A 1989. A 5-year national programme to reduce smoking by teenagers. Education and Health 7(4),92-94. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Clark,T 1991. A 'health fortnight' for school staff. Education and Health 9(2),10-11. PDF

Keywords: Healthy Schools

Victor Romano and Karen Butler. 2014. A Baseline Analysis of Wellness at Johnson C. Smith University. Education and Health 32(4),136-140. PDF

Mark D Griffiths. 2015. A brief review of self-asphyxial risk-taking behaviour in adolescents. Education and Health 33(3),54-56.  PDF

Keywords: Health, Secondary

GordonMacDonald,D 1984. A co-ordinated approach to dental health education. Education and Health 2(6),126-127. PDF

Balding,J 1985. A comment on 'smoking' education. Education and Health 3(4),81. PDF

Keywords: Smoking

Lewis,J Knijn,T 2001. A Comparison of English and Dutch Sex Education in the Classroom: a study of practice in secondary schools. Education and Health 19(4),59-64. PDF

Keywords: PSHE, Sex Education

Doak,C 1994. A County policy for managing asthma in schools: How a 'risk management' approach led to a county-wide initiative. Education and Health 12(3),37-40. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Ed Cope and Andy Foster, 2017. A critical discussion of what approach coaches should adopt when coaching children. Education and Health 35(1), 20-23. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Marks,E 2010. A drugs and alcohol awareness programme developed, with 12-13 year olds, by the SW Ambulance Service. Education and Health 28(3)42-45. PDF

Balding,JW 1993. A Health Related Behaviour Questionnaire printout with commentary. Education and Health 11(1),10-11. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Paddon,R 1984. A health-related behaviour investigation. Education and Health 2(2),33-36. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Secondary

Abbott,J Farrell,J 1989. A health-related exercise project in primary schools. Education and Health 7(2),33-37. PDF

Balding,J Shelley,CA 1993. A health-related peep at 7,852 very young people. Education and Health 11(3),43-47. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, Primary

Farley,P 1987. A local AIDS programme for staff and pupils.. Education and Health 5(3),52-55. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Regis,D Balding,J 1994. A look at the wheezers and dosers: 'the school with the most dosers does not always have the most wheezers'. Education and Health 12(3),41-45. PDF

Keywords: Asthma

Ecuyer,B 1988. A media study with pupils and parents. Education and Health 6(5),109-112. PDF

Keywords: Family, Sociology

Learmonth,A 1984. A micro in the canteen. Education and Health 2(1),5-8. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food, Health Education

Eden,P 1985. A multi-ethnic health related behaviour study. Education and Health 3(4),88-91. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Thomas,G 1992. A national award for the AIDS exchange game. Education and Health 10(1),9-10. PDF

Keywords: HIV/AIDS

Louise E. Anusas. 2012. A New Approach to Tobacco Education using Interdisciplinary Learning. Education and Health 30(1),11-14. PDF

Balding,JW 1993. A new challenge and a new version of the questionnaire. Education and Health 11(1),9. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ

Gardner,P 1983. A new perspective?. Education and Health 1(1),1,13. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Marshall-Taylor,Gf, 1986. A new PSE series for schools on BBC Radio. Education and Health 4(3),69-70. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Hill,F 1988. A new resource for the 16-19 age group. Education and Health 6(1),20-22. PDF

Oliver,G 1984. A new view of science for health educators. Education and Health 2(4),72-77. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Balding,J 1987. A preview of 'Young People in 1986' - data from 18,002 young people. Education and Health 5(4),76-88. PDF

Harris,B 2001. A profile of year 13: an examination of the most common sources of stress during the main A level year. Education and Health 19(4),67-66. PDF

Balding,J Gimber,P Wise,A 1997. A quarter of Year 7 boys want to cycle to school: A recent survey may help to promote county-wide initiatives to encourage safe alternatives to car travel. Education and Health 15(4),49-52. PDF

Keywords: Road Safety

Lee,J 1992. A question of balance. Education and Health 10(2),17-20. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Hyde,D 1990. A realistic objective for drug education. Education and Health 8(1),12-14. PDF

Keywords: Drugs

Worcester,C 1986. A school reviews its 'health and fitness' programme. Education and Health 4(2),39-42. PDF

Keywords: Health Education

Vinson,S 1985. A school's own 'Hearty Eating' Project. Education and Health 3(5),100-104. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food, Health

Sissons,S 1983. A school's programme for Social and Personal Education - Part 2. Education and Health 1(2),19-22. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ, PSHE, Secondary

Balding,J 1989. A search for behaviour trends, 1983-1988: results from the HRBQ. Education and Health 7(5),110-115. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol, Drugs, HRBQ, Smoking

Balding,J 1987. A selection of health-related behaviours in 1986 - data from 18,002 young people. Education and Health 5(2),38-45. PDF

Balding,A 2005. A snapshot of the health related behaviour of young people in Further Education Colleges. Education and Health 23(4),55. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Balding,J 1991. A study of working children in 1990. Education and Health 9(1),4-6. PDF

Keywords: Employment, HRBQ

Oker,C Matthews,H 2007. A survey of Hertfordshire sex education,. Education and Health 25(2),36-37. PDF

Keywords: Sex Education

Hunt,R Regis,D 2006. A survey of homophobic bullying in schools. Education and Health 24(2),30. PDF

Keywords: Bullying

Curtis,S Sahota,P 1987. A survey of tuck shops in Bradford schools. Education and Health 5(3),62-66. PDF

Keywords: Diet, food

Laycock,N 1990. A training scheme for school governors in Somerset. Education and Health 8(2),21-23. PDF

Keywords: Teacher Training

Payne,WA 1983. A transatlantic study of health-related behaviour. Education and Health 1(6),101-106. PDF

Keywords: HRBQ 2008. A voice for young people. Education and Health 28(October),19. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Richardson-Todd,B 2005. A Way Forward for School Nursing: The Jigsaw project. One area in the UK decided to change the way in which school nurses and health visitors traditionally worked. They joined together in teams based on geographical boundaries around school pyramids, called community clusters. This project is called Jigsaw as each team member has a small piece in the bigger picture,. Education and Health 23(3),37-39. PDF

Keywords: School Nurse

Aleixo,P Norris,CE 2003. Ability grouping in schools : Attainment and self-esteem. A review of the research reveals limited evidence to support ability grouping, which appears to have detrimental effects on some pupils, and possibly disadvantage those placed in lower sets in primary school,. Education and Health 21(4),59-63. PDF

Keywords: PSHE

Cale,L Duncombe,R 2008. Achieving 'high quality' physical education,. Education and Health 26(2),28-29. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Ellsion,P Wise,A 1993. Active lifestyles: fighting the teenage switch-off. Education and Health 11(4),56-62. PDF

Fox,K 1997. Active living: A prescription for lifelong health and well-being. Education and Health 15(4),56-59. PDF

Keywords: Physical Activity

Morrow,A O'Neill,M Friel,M 2008. Addressing Government Targets with Healthy Lunchboxes . Education and Health 26(3),45-46. PDF

Keywords: Food

Bernard,P 2008. Addressing mental health issues at the Grimsby Institute. Education and Health 28(October),6. PDF

Keywords: Further Education

Barnard,P 2008. Addressing mental health issues at the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education. Education and Health 26(3),54. PDF

Keywords: Emotional Health

Limmer,M 2008. Addressing young people's sex and alcohol use: It's about aspiration not information,. Education and Health 26(2),38-39. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol, Sex Education

Buczkiewicz,M Griffiths,MD Rigbye,J 2007. Adolescent attitudes towards gambling: Some preliminary findings,. Education and Health 25(1),6-9. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Cable,N Sacker,A 2004. Adolescent drinking: A suggestion for future education programmes This study identifies gender specific factors related to adolescent drinking behaviour and makes a number of suggestions including: targeting interventions at all young people, not just those from deprived areas, and involving mothers in programmes aimed at adolescent girls,. Education and Health 22(3),46-47. PDF

Keywords: Alcohol

Griffiths,M Wood,R 1998. Adolescent gambling on the National Lottery. Education and Health 16(4),53 -56. PDF

Keywords: Adolescence, Gambling

Mark D. Griffiths. 2013. Adolescent gambling via social networking sites: A brief overview. Education and Health 31(4),84-87. PDF

Griffiths,MD King,D Delfabbro,P 2009. Adolescent gambling-like experiences: Are they a cause for concern?. Education and Health 27(2),27-30. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Griffiths,M Linsey,A 2006. Adolescent gambling: Still a cause for concern?. Education and Health 24(1),9-11. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Griffiths,MD 2002. Adolescent gambling: What should teachers and parents know? The potential dangers, risk factors, and warning signs to look for are described together with strategies to help young people with a problem,. Education and Health 20(2),31-35. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Orme,J 1991. Adolescent girls and exercise: too much of a struggle?. Education and Health 9(5),76-80. PDF

Griffiths,MD Wood,R 2007. Adolescent Internet Gambling: Preliminary results of a national survey,. Education and Health 25(2),23-26. PDF

Keywords: Gambling

Mark D. Griffiths. 2013. Adolescent mobile phone addiction: A cause for concern? Education and Health 31(3),76-78. PDF

Daria J. Kuss and Mark D. Griffiths. 2012. Adolescent online gaming addiction. Education and Health 30(1),15-17. PDF

Umeh,K Griffiths,M 2001. Adolescent smoking: Behavioural risk factors and health beliefs - cognitive factors of smoking behaviour in 885 teenagers. Education and Health 19(4),69-71. PDF

Mark D Griffiths and Daria J Kuss, 2017. Adolescent social media addiction (revisited). Education and Health 35(3), 49-52. PDF