21 years of 14-15 year olds drinking

SHEU figures from 1985 show that more 14-15 year old males than 14-15 year old females consistently report drinking more than 10 units of alcohol ‘in the last seven days’.

Over the years, there has been around a 5% ± difference between the two groups with no overall trend.

The male and female percentages have followed a similar pattern since the early 1990s.
Figures for the males range from 13% (1991/99) to 20% (1995/96).
Figures for the females range from 6% (1990) to 14% (1995).
Over the past ten years around 15% of 14-15 year old males and around 10% of 14-15 year old females have drank more than 10 units of alcohol e.g. 5 pints of beer during ‘the last 7 days’.