Personal, Social and Health Education (and maybe Citizenship and Economic Education too)

PSHE & SHEU curriculum support from the Schools Health Education Unit including free resources

"...As a result of taking part (in a SHEU survey) and using the evidence provided we were able to offer more support for students which had a direct impact on improved attendance and outcomes ... Completing the survey every two years grew in importance year on year, with the final cycle having a major impact on our SDP, PHSE curriculum, Ofsted outcomes and governor understanding ..." Deputy Head Secondary School
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Support for statutory #PSHE #SRE from Ben Bradshaw MP

Following our support, via the Terence Higgins Trust website, for the statutory PSHE/SRE campaign on 11 June our MP, Ben Bradshaw, sent us a letter.
To read the letter click here

Before Tuesday 11th June : Ask your MP to vote for statutory #PSHE in England

Before Tuesday 11th June : Ask your MP to vote for statutory #PSHE in England

What can a teacher expect from their class of young people?

Dr David Regis, SHEU's Research Manager, examined some data from the report "Young People into 2012",

Guidance from the PSHE Association

I had a brisk and positive chat with Nick Boddington on the phone this morning, during which he gently reminded me of the existence of some documents that the PSHE Association have developed about the place of PSHE under the new OFSTED inspection arrangements.

I am happy to share with readers:

Guidance around new Ofsted inspection arrangements (from January 2012)

which is one of the latest of the Association's free resources:

SHEU response to PSHE review

We've just sent off our submission to the PSHE review (last day if you have not!).

Here is ours:


Some others (maybe drafts):

SHEU response to the Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE) Education

Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE) Education

Response Form

The closing date is: 30 November 2011

Q1) What do you consider the core outcomes PSHE education should achieve and what areas of basic core knowledge and awareness should pupils be expected to acquire at school through PSHE education?

Young people, smoking and the influence of lessons

New research conducted on behalf of Department of Health reveals the anti-smoking attitudes of children.

PSHE lessons in school are usually the place where pupils find out information about many health issues including smoking.  The PSHE Association rightly point to the good work being done in PSHE to achieve this result.

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